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Piano note editor

Piano note editor is a very beautifully drawn, user-friendly, funny and useful program. It is a truly very good ear training game. It helps you to learn how to read musical notes and wonderfully enhances your abilities of reading musical notes quickly and fluently.

Can you see the musical staff in the upper part of the screen? This is where you will put notes. In the upper part of the screen, there is a piano with keys each key stands for a note. Letters denoting notes are written on each key. You can listen to notes pressing the piano keys with the help of your mouse button.

Now let us turn back to our musical staff. When you draw a note on the musical staff with the help of your funny pencil, you hear the sound of this note. You can find it on the piano keyboard to know what note zit is.

As you can see, our piano note editor quickly encourages you to remember how notes are arranged on the musical staff. It also develops perfect ear for music.

If you want to remove a note from the lines, press the Korrektur button, which is in the upper right corner.

The game is very easy and nice. You can compose your own music and write it down, It is a very useful skill. Please enjoy our ear training online game!


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Piano note editor online game Note editor. Use this game for record and playing note sound. A virtual workshop for notes. Music composing software - free music software download free.

Note editor. Use this game for record and playing note sound. A virtual workshop for notes. Ours is the best way to start editing and creating music on your PC, no matter what your experience level is. Music Editing Master, Audio & MP3 Editor Software.

Users game. Music Software - Music Converter. This game you can use for composing melody. Piano note editor online game Note editor. You can compose melody and play it. Try it to do with children. Composing and ear training is easy.

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