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Music machine piano + guitar + drum

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Let us introduce you this marvelous multifunctional piano + guitar + drum Music machine computer game. This is a funny, easy and effective music education software. It's completely free! Use it to train your rhythm, interval, scale and chord skills. Play tunes and compose your own melodies!

 This piano + guitar + drum music machine is a unique easy way to learn music suitable for grown-ups and children. Gives you easy quick ear training and ability to play tunes.

Now let's see how to play music with this wonderful piano + guitar + drum music machine. It has a piano octave with notes written on piano keys. You can click keys, and sounds will be played. There are three tags with names of musical instruments which will change the pitches played to sounds of corresponding instruments piano, guitar (a finger notation will appear instead of keys), or drums (a drum kit will appear instead of keys). When you play, notes will appear on the stave (timeline) below. To erase a note from the timeline, simply click on it and it will disappear.

 You can change the play area by clicking and dragging markers under the music timeline. The area between then represents the musical fragment that will be played.

After you've finished playing, you can re-play, loop, or save your created melody. It is possible to change speed of your melody (temp) and amount of bits.



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