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Guitar games

Online music (piano, guitar, drums) games

There are various methods from which we could learn guitar. By playing guitar games you can improve your hearing (name tones and chords by ear). The games can help you to get a better grip on your instrument.


Online guitar games

Guitar music virtual machine online game Guitar online chords online game Guitar chord finder online game Basic guitar chords and how it online music game
C major chords exercises for guitar Guitar chords machine with sound online music game    



How play guitar tutor

Guitar online scales music lesson Guitar chords Get started guitar music lesson How guitar works music lesson
Guitar strum patterns online free movie Guitar scales Guitar picking patterns play on guitar.  


Most popular online music games

Note pair training

Online piano game

piano games

Online ear training
(online piano games)

Music machine
(guitar games)

Drums online
(drums games)


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Music is not magic will make you a better musician Sight-read and sight-sing with perfection. Improvise on your instrument - straight from your mind. Name tones and chords by ear. Transcribe a tune when you hear it. See the music you hear with your inner eye and notate it. Be able to play Pop, Folk, Jazz, or Contemporary Gospel keyboard and Piano music by ear. Flash online games it is interactive and fun. It gives you instant feedback. Exercises are never the same. Difficulty is adjusted as you do progress.

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