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Online music games. Learn music by yourself. training rhythm, musical ear. Self-study, self-learning


Online music games

Online Music Games

Learning music online games. Recognition of notes by ear. Musical instruments trainings.


The order of training

You need to be registered.

The game starts with the simplest level and you need to determine the sound of the note with a hint of two additional notes. Gradually, the complexity of the game increases.

Musical training for other instruments

If you have a musical instrument on which you would like to do such a training, then please write me a letter. It is desirable, if you have a record with all the notes of the instrument.

If you have the ideas of other online music training sessions - share an idea with me

The harmonica

For newbie's. first steps

Notes by ear

The first exercise of the musician

If you choose a musical instrument, on which to start learning to play, then try to start the harmonica. Harmony is the simplest musical instrument on which you can learn to play both as a child and an adult. You just need to learn how to correctly play the rhythm of the melody and get into the notes. The harmonica helps to develop hearing, allows you to learn how to breathe properly. Helps learn to play musical instruments Helps develop musical thinking. And, most importantly, it's easy to learn how to play on a harmonica.

Online music games and trainings