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Incredible Music Games On the Net - All online and in FLASH!

Don't pay for music lessons again! There are various methods from which we could learn music. By playing music games you can improve your hearing (name tones and chords by ear). This games can help you to get a better grip on your instrument. You will find cool interactive music games in this website. has amazing music games for trained and wannabe musicians and music lovers. Some of their games can be used as ear training as well! The design is minimal, the fun factor is maximal. Post your high scores! Here are some free and simple interactive online music games which can help you fine-tune your musical technique and have fun at the same time! These can be great for ear training. Let us know how you do!



Most popular online music games

Online piano game

piano games

Online ear training

piano games

Music machine piano + guitar + drum

guitar games

Drums online game

drums games



Piano and ear trainings games

Computer show a note. You try to understand it and play on keyboard.

Computer play a note
Pitch ear training. You try to recognize it and type c,d,e,f,g...

Note pair
Online music game.
Find all pair notes. This game is very useful for music and memory improvement.

More piano games (17 games)


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Online kids music games

Rainbow piano for kids. Computer show the color. Kids need to press correct note.

Drag music online game. Compose melody by notes.

Can you play jingle bells? Look at the note sheet and play.

Music keyboards

Kids music games



Guitar games

Guitar music machine

Guitar chords machine

More guitar games (14 games)



Drums games

Drums music machine
free online game

Drums editor
online game

Drums player
online music online machine

Drums online games (more then 10 games)



Music boxes and generators

piano, guitar and
drum machine
ear training

Beat box movie

Music generators
games and movies



Ear training online games

Note pair online game.
Find all notes.
This game is very useful for music memory improvement.

Piano note free online teacher

Piano note
free online teacher

More ear training games (20 games)




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Find on this site ear training lessons. Name of tone by ear easy music games. Pure guitar online secrets. This online music games show you how to play a piano, drums and guitar. Find here music theory. To see a set of piano online games. Learn to read music with software. Easy ear training. Guitar and bass ear trainer. Play along ear training software. Free flash music download. Piano soul learn to play and become the musician you always wanted to be.

Note any pitch by ear software. This fully music customizable software. Unique ear training. Here you will find the numbers of articles: How to study music. Music skills, fun and performance. Make learning music whit flash music games. Ear training online games. The way to learn music. free lessons. Note teacher game. Drums and Piano flash games. The new way to learn music. Guitar scales flash movies. Drum set online. Piano unique online. How to play online. Know how compose music. You can to do music easy and funny.


Most popular online music games

Note pair training

Online ear training
(piano games)

Music machine
(guitar games)

Drums online
(drums games)


You can download free flash games from this site and place on your site or on your home computer. You need find download link on the page with flash game. Then you can free download it. Then you can use it absolutely free. I just ask you to please a link on this page. online music games. The more links on free flash music games site then will more free flash music games. I like do flash. Flash is my hobby. Here you can find a free online speed reading games, fun paint games for kids. Paint online. Math, Jig saw games and chess.

This site will make you a better musician Sight-read and sight-sing with perfection. Improvise on your instrument - straight from your mind. Name tones and chords by ear. Transcribe a tune when you hear it. See the music you hear with your inner eye and notate it. Be able to play Pop, Folk, Jazz, or Contemporary Gospel keyboard and Piano music by ear. Flash online games it is interactive and fun. It gives you instant feedback. Exercises are never the same. Difficulty is adjusted as you do progress. Related keywords: pitch, perfect, ear, absolute, MIDI, learn, ear training, aural, absolute pitch, test, perfect pitch, education, tutor, music, training, ear training

Pick out a tune! Learn a wonderful harmonizing music games (online piano games, online drum games, online guitar games) ! Learn how to fill up the empty spaces in a music game. And understand what you're doing and much more! Magic Keyboard Chart to guide you to all notes in both hands Visualized Chord Dictionary that shows 96 piano chords at a glance Instant Chord Finder that slips behind the keys to reveal all major chords Amazing Secrets Of Exciting Piano! resource guide What Chords Do I Absolutely, Positively Have To Know? bonus report.
3 octaves piano machine
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