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Online piano game (online ear training)

This exceptional online piano game has very simple rules:

Press the Play button and listen to the note. Your task is to recognize the pitch played. As soon as you hear the note, press the letter corresponding to the pitch on the keyboard (e.g., C, D, E, etc.). The column on the left indicates the note played by the application, while the column on the right will show you the corresponding letter you pressed. If you've recognized the correct note and pressed the right letter, your note will appear in the same staff line as the note on the left, and your score will increase. This online ear training game requires you to type in correct letters matching the note you hear as quickly as you can. Day by day, you will find it easier to recognize notes. Our online piano game will teach you that!

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The key to perfect pitching is regular practice! Even if you don't have a natural ability to recognize notes, repeated listening and practicing will help. There is no need to hire a professional teacher, because exercising regularly with our online ear training game will provide all the lessons you need. We are sure that you will make good progress! This unique ear training online piano game will help you.

Online Ear Training Game -

Some people are born with a perfect ear for music, others are not. But people who are really tone deaf are actually rare. Most people can be trained to hear music and sing well. Our online ear training game provides the tools to exercise your natural ear for music and improving your ability to sing and play musical instruments.

Our online piano game will easily teach you how to identify different musical pitches and sing in tune with a note or chord that is played. You will quickly learn how to pitch a note. What does this mean? If you want to learn to sing or play an instrument, it is vitally important to recognize a note by its sound, and vice versa, to correctly sing a note you see in its letter designation.

Ideally, a singer should be able to recognize every note being played, and sing in tune with it. Our online piano game will develop your musical abilities and help you sing better. Even if you don't seem to catch on quickly, do not think that you can't pitch at all. Most likely, you simply don't know how to listen to tunes and sing correctly. After you practice your pitching skills using our online piano game, you will surely progress! This may take you more or less time, but you should always remember that you CAN learn to do it.

This unique online ear training game teaches note recognition in a quick, effective and user-friendly manner. It is one of the best existing online ear training games available. You can download it and begin learning right away! And, what's also important, it is free!


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Ear Training & Pitch Q & A

Q. What is ear training A. Ear Training or Pitch Exercises are the terms used to describe the method of teaching and learning how to identify a note and sing in tune with the note or chord that is played.

Q. Why do I need to learn how to pitch a note to the music? If you want to learn to sing or play an instrument it is essential to be able to sing the correct notes in the right place (and at the right time!). Ideally a singer should be able to recognize the key being played and sing any one of the notes within the chord or scale without sounding sharp or flat (unless that is the effect you require for the song!!).

Q. My friend can do this and she hasn't had lessons - but I can't - why is this? Some people are born with an excellent 'ear' for music and are naturally talented, but most singers need to learn and practice the art before it becomes second nature.

Q. How can I tell if I am on pitch or not? Record yourself singing along to a song that you know well and listen back to your efforts - are the notes you sing melodic, are they exactly the same as the singers or do they sound harsh, sharp or flat? If the latter is the case then you are not singing 'on pitch'. You can also try recording yourself singing our online scales. If you are singing in key then the notes you sing will sound like the notes that are played.

Q. What is 'Perfect Pitch?' This is the term used to describe someone who can sing (or play) the notes (or chords) along with the music without reading the sheet music. It is also used to describe the ability to sing any note on request without hearing the note played by an instrument. Some people are born with this ability - others need to learn and practice to become competent.

Q. I can't Pitch - am I Tone Deaf? Unlikely - very few people are really 'Tone Deaf' which is the term used to describe someone who appears to lack the ability to differentiate between one note (or chord) from another - This is extremely rare! Most people who think they are 'Tone Deaf' just need to learn how to listen and practice their pitching skills. It takes some people longer than others but it CAN be learnt.

Q. How can I learn to pitch correctly? The key to recognizing notes, chords and intervals is repeated listening and singing back. Ideally you need a teacher to help you identify how you are progressing but there are exercises provided below for you to practice although you need an instrument to do them. Alternatively you can try the online Ear Training programs or download pitch recognition software listed below.

This game teaches note reading. online ear training The skill of the musician is tested as notes are played on a music staff. Typing keyboard. Players must quickly type the correct letter to match the note shown on the staff.

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Letter from Tommy about music game.

ALSO - you mention you like to make flash games. As a music teacher, I would love two types of games that you don't have. I would like a game that showed a music note on a music staff and the student has to type in Pianoteq is issued from an academic research and results in what we call the fourth piano generation. This is the very first, and only, piano available that

the letter name of that note - and more points are awarded for how fast they answer. The game could be done for Treble, Bass, Tenor, and Alto Clefs. Teaching children to read notes is very important. I would also love a game where students identify music instruments by looking at a picture of many instruments (like in an orchestra) and have to select whatever instrument the game chooses by clicking on the correct instrument.

Users of this game say

The last game you sent is good. It seems it only uses notes on the lower half of the music staff. It would be more challenging if the notes appeared on the whole staff on all lines and spaces.

Also, my students love competition. Is there any way to force the player to choose faster - and if they don't pick fast enough, they lose points? Also - I know this is a hard thing to do in flash, but can you make a game that keeps track of the highest score?

The flash you sent me wasn't really what I was looking for. I would like a game where a student sees the note on a music staff, and has to type the correct musical letter - or choose the correct musical letter from a list. This would increase their music reading ability.

2nd, I would like a game where a student would see the musical letter (A, B, C, D, E, F, or G - A#, Bb, etc.) and have to play it on a keyboard.

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