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Note pair music game

This game based on a well known memory game where cards are momentarily turned over when you click on them. In this particular incarnation of the game, musical notes are produced when you click on each card. The user has to be able to discern when two notes are identical and also remember where they were found. The element of winning involves finding all of the pairs with the minimum number of clicks.

Psychologists report that people who learned to play some musical instrument are smarter and have a better memory than people with no music training. Do you wish to learn how to sing, recognize notes and read music? Then please pay attention to this wonderful ear training memory developing online game!

You will be shown a grid consisting of 16 square cards with their faces down. Each time you select a card by clicking on it with a mouse, a note is shown and played. Try to find the second card that matches the first by clicking and listening to other notes. If both cards are the same, those cards will be removed to reveal part of the image hidden underneath. If they are different, both cards return to a face down position. You will have to remember what note was on the card so you can try and find a match next time. The game is over when you have matched all of the pairs and all the cards are gone.

This ear training pitch game may seem simple, but it is very exciting and helps to develop musical memory and ear for music. Due to the program's ease of use and friendliness of interface, even a small child can play it! This educational game for both children and adults will amuse you and aid in learning music! That's a perfect ear trainer for everybody!


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I am bored and play some note listening game. Using a online music note matching game. Surprisingly, I manage to maintain constant score with consecutive play of the notes matching. Compare to normal card matching games, on repetitive play, my visual memory deceive us compare to the hearing memory. Just take 8 pair of cards. Shuffles around. Match the card and record the total of success match. Play it 8 times in a roles and record the total time need. Trying to "buffer up" the location of card is not as simple unless you are trained on card counting. In pair, you need to memorize at least 12 cards for normal play. Alas, when doing "card counting", speak of card "name" in your mind, it no longer act as visual memory. On the other hand, if anyone just memories the "image" of the card, then you will notice memory confusion of the location of the card. I think this is something to do with education and language teaching.


Your child can read music notes easily and quickly. This online piano game designed by Flash. Learn how to read music notes step by step, at your own speed. Listen to a music note, try to recognize it! Online music lesson for all standards and styles of musician are available all over the net. Some sites offer these to encourage you to purchase their services, products or to enhance their site and they're free! Easy to customize, this ear training computer game lets you learn music notes.

Psychologists report that adults who learned to play a musical instrument as a child have a better verbal memory than adults with no music training. Researchers investigated both verbal and visual memory in a group of 60 female college students. Of these students, thirty had received at least 6 years of training with a musical instrument before the age of 12, and thirty had received no training.

During a five-month period a group of ten children with special educational needs were bombarded with sound by playing orchestral music (mainly Mozart) during normal learning activities. The resultant effect on their behavior was remarkable. The results indicate that the co-ordination centre of the brain may be stimulated by certain frequencies and the resultant effect is to slow down the whole body metabolism biochemical, producing a calming effect on the pupils. The pupils became calm and co-operative within minutes of the music being switched on.

The effect lasted for the duration of the lesson and was repeated every lesson for the whole of the five-month trial period. I know how compose music. You can to do music easy and funny. Name any tone by ear. Pure guitar secrets. I can show you how to play a piano. Learn to read music and more with interface theory software. Easy ear training. Controlled measurements of body temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate and pulse rate were made in an attempt to suggest a reason for the observations.

Music training at a young age may actually change how your brain works! So how can we explain these results? In the past, brain imaging has shown that a region called the plenums temporal (which is involved in auditory perception) in the left hemisphere of the music brain is larger in musicians compared to non-musicians. If this increase in the musician's brain size is due to cortical reorganization (i.e., better connections between brain cells or more brain cells), then it is possible that some cognitive functions also mediated by the left side of the brain may be more developed in musicians. Since verbal memory is primarily mediated by the left hemisphere and visual memory is mediated by the right hemisphere, adults with music training should have better verbal memory (but not visual memory) than non-musicians which is what the researchers found in this study.

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