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There are various methods from which we could learn drums. There are a lot of drumming courses, books and videos available, all which cover basically the same materials. There are some important differences which make my course different from all the others.

Learning to play the drums takes time and effort. If someone does not have the time or money to play and purchase a drum set, they can play virtual drums online. Playing virtual drums can help a person get the hang of the different sounds created by different drums. Playing online virtual drums can be done within seconds.


Online drums games


Drums player online music online machine Restore rhythm. The game for enhancement the ear. Drums editor online game Pulls game. Try your rhythm ability. Game for kids and adults who want to learn music.
Virtual drums music machine free online game Drums game map movie Online drums machine. For music science students.  



Online metronomes and forks for guitar


Light metronome online movie

Metronome online movie Guitar tuning fork its help tune guitar  


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You can download free flash games from this site and place on your site or on your home computer. You need find download link on the page with flash game. Then you can free download it. Then you can use it absolutely free. I just ask you to please a link on this page. flash music games. The more links on free flash music games site then will more free flash music games. I like do flash. Flash is my hobby.

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Music is not magic will make you a better musician Sight-read and sight-sing with perfection. Improvise on your instrument - straight from your mind. Name tones and chords by ear. Transcribe a tune when you hear it. See the music you hear with your inner eye and notate it. Be able to play Pop, Folk, Jazz, or Contemporary Gospel keyboard and Piano music by ear. Flash online games it is interactive and fun. It gives you instant feedback. Exercises are never the same. Difficulty is adjusted as you do progress.

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