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Online drums game

A first and unique free Play drums online game! Enjoy playing a virtual professional drum kit!

Virtual online Drum machine is an educational, informative and amusing online music game both for kids and adults. You can play Drums and create your own music with clicks of your mouse. There is a unique possibility to record all drum music you perform.

On the screen of your Drum track generator, you see a schematic drawing of a professional drum kit. Each drum is signed with its own name.

Select an instrument by clicking on it. Then click on the timeline to put this drum's sound on this timeline. Each time you put a new sound on the timeline, you strike a drum or a cymbal.

You can program two tracks simultaneously, so you can hear up to two drum sounds at the same time.

You can modify your track's speed with the Tempo scroller situated on the right from the drum kit scheme.

After having added all sounds to the timelines, you can listen to your melody. To do this, press the Play button. You can also loop your track infinitely. To stop playback, you should press the Stop button.

See more detailed instructions in the game. Enjoy our wonderful online drum game!


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The note names become like reading another language with understanding! I am so pleased with this great aid to learning. I have long wanted to know the notes I am singing at a glance, tonight at Choir practice I will know them! I have learned the Treble Clef with your aid and now to bass clef and other helpful music knowledge. Game for kids and adults who want to learn music.



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