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Drums online editor. Play drums with a mouse or keyboard.

This perfect ear training Drums online editor gives you the ability to reproduce sounds of a real drum kit. You can use this virtual drums game for playing and recording drum music. It's a funny, exciting and useful game.

You have nine drums and can combine then to create unique compound drum melodies. Drag and drop circles depicting every drum on the grid. The grid represents timeline of your musical fragment. You can drop limitless amount of drum strikes to your grid, in order to create very complicated music. It sounds like a real drum machine! You can make the drum editor repeat the melody you created and have a possibility to change the area of repetition by dragging a special scroll. You also can replay and stop your melody.

Please note that the sound of this drum machine is very good and authentic. It sounds and fades out so perfectly real! All the tones are produced based on mathematical equations, so, the online drum editor produces completely clear and correct pitches. There is nothing better if you want to develop your pitching and singing in tune abilities. Also, you will be able to recognize different musical tones produced by drums by ear.

Enjoy the most complicated drum bits! You can create your own drum melodies or play the melodies you know. This online music game is free! Please begin having fun!


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Drum editor. Use this virtual drums game for record and playing drum sound

Other highlights are the drums editor, normalize, copy or delete range, and fade-out. Other highlights are the drums editor, normalize, copy or delete range, and fade-out. Its a fun game. Also, I decided to use my more active character to be the War Drums editor, I hope I don't confuse any of you!

Challenge all trained and untrained ears. It is for free ear training software all vocalists and musicians playing, bass, drums, flute or any other instrument. The broad range of exercise areas in games covers all your needs for training pitch, harmonies and rhythms. Games includes exercises in identifying intervals, scales and modes, chords, chord inversions, chord progressions. You will also find exercises in transcribing melodies and rhythms, and in reading or imitating rhythms.

Learn how to play the Drums or Keyboard by ear quickly using online games. Would you like to be able to play any song on the Drums by ear? It's possible! In fact, with these online Drums lessons, you can do it right now!

The secret to playing any song by ear without the need for written sheet music is virtual online Drums lessons that teach you to play using the revolutionary technique of repeating.

These activities are designed to allow the participant to 'play' with two of the basic qualities in music: tempo and dynamics. Two of the three activities also introduce notation.

Finally set your hands free! You'll learn to use contemporary "RHYTHMIC PATTERNS" that are very effective whether you're playing solo or within a band.

These are not the Drums lessons your grandma had!

Topics covered include advanced chord techniques, fantastic finger exercises, help on finding a good instrument, advanced Rhythm and Blues, Gospel and Jazz techniques, playing with a band, keyboard setups, midi, songwriting and song structure analysis, sound system set-up, and much more.

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How to learn to play drums

How much does it cost?
Most professional drums teachers charge between $20-$60 per hour. Before you know it, the hour is up and another check must be written. With our online drum lessons, you can learn at your own pace absolutely free. The savings speak for themselves!

I'm a complete beginner. Can I take your lessons?
Absolutely. These lessons are designed to be EASY. Everything is broken down into a step-by-step format that allows for quick and effective learning.

Can I really learn how to play drum online?
Definitely! Using Macromedia flash, you'll be able to listen to the examples over and over again - as often as you need to until "you get it." All lessons use a step-by-step approach. First you learn the scale and chords necessary for the exercise, then you learn how to immediately use them in a composition or improvisation. You learn by listening and doing!

What do I need to take the lessons?
You need Macromedia Flash Player to be able to listen to the audio examples. This is a very small and easy download. Most computers already have this plug-in installed. If you need it, just click on the link above. You'll also need speakers or a headphone jack to listen to the audio.

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