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Rainbow piano for kids


The Rainbow piano game is specially designed for small kids. Actually, it's one of the best online music games for kids colorful, simple, educative, and fun.

This free online music flash game offers new possibilities of teaching music to small kids. Usually, remembering and recognizing notes is a big problem for small kids during piano lessons. Children get bored, confused, and don't understand what they should do. Many of them begin to wish to drop out of their piano lessons. With Rainbow piano game, to remember all the notes on the piano keyboard octave becomes a simple task. Rainbow piano is specially designed to help your child to learn music notes through amusement.

How do we play this online piano game? It's very simple. On the screen, we see a piano octave with notes written on piano keys. Each key is painted its own color, so that's why the game is called Rainbow piano. The kid can either click keys with the help of a mouse, or use keyboard. Each time he/she strikes a virtual key, a corresponding sound will be played.

Below the octave, there is a color panel with changing colors. The kid will have to look at the color panel and each time press the same button as shown on the color panel. If he/she does everything correctly, a tune is played.


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Look at the color panel. press the same button as the color panel.

Play a Piano. Play the piano using your mouse or your computer's keyboard. Piano/Keyboard. Piano/Keyboard. Here's a list of what your child or student will receive from free online lessons: Your child will gain confidence in playing as they easily learn to recognize all the music notes. Music notes become easy with clear colorful diagrams!

Students are given many opportunities to play for recitals and other functions. Accompanists work with other faculty and students to present concerts and recitals. As you play the piano, you'll hear them.

All the tones are created from mathematical equations.

Future Features of music game:

  • a keyboard tutor mode, where you play the score
  • the musical score reflects your piano playing
  • an expanded musical selection
  • recording and playback modes
  • Midi file reading capability

Original and exciting way to learn music and piano playing.


Online Piano game is a comprehensive music software, designed to help children discover the world of music through motivating materials and activities. The software develops well-rounded musicians who understand music and enjoy performing it. Every student has a very positive experience while gaining a wide range of musical skills and knowledge. Kids enjoy sharing music with their friends and are motivated by the group experience. Motivating age-specific textbooks offer different challenges each week and provide a wide range of musical skills and knowledge.

Your child will be hugely entertained by the hilarious voices characters used in this lessons. Your child will also enjoy playing the music clips embedded in all the keyboard and staff diagrams. As your child listens to every note that is discussed, by clicking on the diagrams, they will easily relate the material to their own keyboards.

Here you can find the basic music terms such as bar lines, clefs and ledger lines will help your child master the fundamentals of music theory. And best of all. Your child will be encouraged to love music as this lessons helps them easily conquer the biggest obstacle facing new music students - how to read music notes.


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