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Kids online music games

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Online music games for kids. Children like to play computer games and to play a music games. Play and fun online music games for kids. On this site you will find more then 200 online music games. some of the games show how to play music online games.

Note pair for kids 
online music game.

music game

Rainbow piano for kids

Can you play jingle bells

Drag music online game.

Pulls game.

Notes shooter
ear training

piano, guitar and drum machine ear training

Virtual band

Beat box

Orchestra quiz online music

Music quiz for kids

Kids quiz online music game

Kids composer game

Kids quiz (about the sounds)

Kids ksilofon
online game

Kids cow piano

Kids keep it quiet

Kids piano

Kids piano repeat online game for girls and boys

Kids machine

Theory python

Piano keyboard online

Theory scale

Kids record

Piano online keyboard

Piano keyboard game

Piano flash keyboard

Theory splash

Fun kitty drums for kids


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Kids like to play music keyboards



Most popular online music games

Note pair training

Online piano game

piano games

Online ear training
(online piano games)

Music machine
(guitar games)

Drums online
(drums games)

Online music games for kids. Girls and boys like to play online music games.







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