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Choosing a First Instrument - where to start?

By Jim McCutcheon

The piano is not the only choice for a beginning instrument. Over the past few decades, advancements in pedagogy (the methodology of teaching something) have resulted in much success with children beginning to play music on string instruments, such as guitars, violins and cellos. These instruments are available in fractional sizes that will fit very young children, and those children have access to increasing numbers of professional teachers dedicated to teaching them.

It is very instructive for both parents and children to take advantage of opportunities where children can try out instruments themselves. Ideally, families can attend special programs where their children can try out a variety of instruments under the guidance of specialists who teach those instruments. Often, a child whose heart has been set on learning a particular instrument plays it, finds it difficult to produce a note and decides to try something else.

Finally, it is important to understand that it is most important that children learn about music in a way that is positive and that they receive support and encouragement for their efforts. Many children change instruments as they grow up, but even then, all is not lost - playing one instrument always makes the next one easier to learn.



Kids online music games

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