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Note pair for kids.
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Tiles are randomly dealt with the picture side down. Flip over any two tiles by tapping on them. If the pictures on the tiles are identical they will disappear. If they are not identical they will be flipped back picture side down.

Continue flipping pairs until all matches are found and there are no more tiles left. You can score in two ways. First, by the time it takes you to find all the matches.

Click on the tiles by pairs to remove them all. The only condition is that they must both be free: no tile on them, and at least one side free - no tile on their left or no tile on their right, at least in the... You can also undo your moves up to the beginning of a game using "Undo" and "Redo". You will find only one tile of each kind, i. two pairs on the board. If you can't find any more pairs press "Hint" button on the toolbar to get a hint. Maximizing fun from playing mahjongg. Game rules is bent a bit to make it more challenging by adding a third dimension. Besides being the only truly 3D mahjongg computer game, Pair game with a layout editor, 5 tile sets, 15 background pictures and 9 original sound... The player is to remove free tiles by pairs. In general, however, Pair game is rather a simple game that delivers long hours of fun and excitement. The sound effects are spectacular; the game comes with true 3D sound!

Second, by the total number of pairs you need to flip in order to find all the matches. Recognize pictures quickly! The idea is to turn over, recognize and memorize the cards. Who can place the picture tiles correctly on the bingo boards? The object of the game is to find all the picture pairs as fast as possible.

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