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Music games. Play online piano, guitar or drums. There are various methods from which we could learn piano. By playing music piano music games  you can improve your hearing (name tones and chords by ear). The games can help you to get a better grip on your instrument. There are more opportunities to learn basic piano lessons than ever before.

Plenty of people long to play and create beautiful music. Unfortunately, not all of us are talented enough to do so. If you fall into this category, you probably don't want to spend the money on an expensive musical instrument such as a keyboard or piano. You can have some fun playing a fake instrument online. While it's not the same as a real keyboard, you can get enjoyment from this and even learn a song or two.

This is a great site for students to practice their skills at learning different music concepts in a variety of different ways.


Online piano music machine you can compose piano melody and play it. To compose a melody is very easy. Computer play a note pitch online ear training. You try to understand it and type c,d,e,f,g... Computer show a note piano online game. You try to understand it and play using virtual keyboard. Music free online piano game. Try to repeat music.

Note pair online music game.
Find all notes. This game is very useful for music memory improvement.
Ear training. Listen notes. Then repeat it. Piano note free online teacher game Notes shooter online game. Try to recognize note as fast as you can.

Sound memory improvement free game. Listen music. Then try to repeat it. Drag music online game. Compose melody by notes. Piano note editor. Compose melody. Use mouse for composing. Chord keyboard major movie

Piano keyboard online game. Download piano keyboard movie on to your computer and play. 3 Octave Piano - horizontal 3 Octave Piano - vertical. Do you searching for 3 Octave Piano? Now you can find it here. You can play or insert it in to your site. Piano + Duration game. You can set durations of notes.

Chords Piano game. Write chords. Then Play the melody      


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Online piano game

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Music theory is easier to learn while learning the piano than other instruments. Piano is recommended as a starting instrument for everyone, even if only for a stepping block to other instruments. Most of my piano students have used the Alfred music theory books along with their lesson books. Alfred has matching level theory books, note reading books, and ear training books to coo relate with each lesson level book. Very helpful to reinforce the theory concept you are working on in the songs. The children versions are colorful, creative, and fun!! Students usually ask me when they can do more!

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This website provides a wide-ranging collection of online music games, piano, guitar and drums. Visit the portal and be familiar with pure guitar secrets and a new way to learn music. Maybe you are not that used to listen to music or you have a bad ear that needs to be trained but you find it too difficult to accomplish with the musical instrument you like well here you have new way to learn to play music through playing games, there are also ear training games. You have games about all musical instruments such as guitar, piano drums and more, this website will also help you to save some money since it is free and you won't be paying for lessons in order to help you improve your music skills, there are also games featured for kids, if you have more doubts or ant to know more click on the link provided.

This is piano games pages consist of the "the piano lessons" material that you may require to access from time to time for a free Piano tutorial. Everything you need to know to start playing and learning the piano is FREE and is explained below in an easy-to-understand basic stages (available in Piano lesson links) so you can begin to learn how to play the music of your choice quickly.

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