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Piano 3 octave music online game

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keyboard piano game

Q: Is there a piano game for computers?

My keyboard recently broke and I don't have the money just now to replace it so I was wondering if there is such a thing as a piano "game" to download on my computer (preferably free)..? (It's so I can KIND OF keep practicing the music... Thanks

A: Here's a few: (click the keyboard icon in the upper left corner to switch to keyboard mode... it slightly resembles a piano. There's only a bit more than an octave though) (this one is three octaves, but you'll have to play it with your mouse...) Basically, if you type something like piano game or keyboard game onto google, you'll get a billion of these. They're not that great for practicing though... =/ Here's an idea (it's a bit lame) but you could get some blank sheets of paper and tape them together and draw a keyboard to practice on... Or better yet, if your keyboard isn't physically destroyed (so just not working) you could still practice on it, if you know the song already... You just won't be able to hear what you're playing.

Q: Best way to learn to play piano. I have exceptional rhythm. Need Keyboard/piano, software, book. ?

Hi, I want to learn to play the piano? Will it be hard? I am very good when it comes to music. I would say my musical ability is impressive. What is the best way to start? Should I get a book? What book? Should I use computer software? Any recommendations? Should I play the keyboard mania game (the guitar hero like game for the piano). Anyone have a recommended keyboard I should get? I can't get a piano right now (not enough room). Money isn't to much of an option but I would like to get my values worth. I know I want weighted keys because i want to simulate piano as much as possible. Please help. I would love links to the best stuff! Thanks!

Q: Piano/keyboard teaching game thing?

I just saw a commercial for a keyboard that plugs into the tv, and the notes are played as they come down on the screen, and it teaches the keys to songs, but this product i saw was for children and i imagine it would have children songs.. so my question is is there a similar product for the older audience because i think this would be a unique way to learn new songs

A: Sorry i don't know but i could sudjest to ask some one like me

Q: do you know this keyboard game?

theres this one site that had keyboard games on it. like the keys on you keyboard were like piano keys an you pressed them down and stuff. but the website was in a different language. does anyone know what it was called? or any other sites that you can do that on? thank you!

A: You could try

Q: Piano/Keyboard learning software? games?

Are there any computer games that connect with a wide keyboard that help you learn a song on the keyboard, but in a fun way.?

A: Here aer several that I use in my piano studio: Piano Professor Learn Piano Today Alfred Theory Essentials

Q: Guitar Hero - Is there any game like this that has a keyboard or piano?

Looking for a good piano tutorial media system.

A: No, none of the games like Guitar Hero or Rockband currently have a keyboard. Do you have an original NES (one that still functions)? If so, you should look up the Miracle Piano Teaching System. This consists of a game cartridge to put in your NES and a keyboard that plugs into one of the controller ports. This "game" is a pretty effective teaching tool.

Q: were can i find a game that lets you play piano but with your PC keyboard?

A: try going to a music store

Q: Does anyone know a piano game where u play the the keys on the keyboard?????

A: =)

Q: What would be a great idea for a piano/keyboard instrument addition for Guitar Hero or Rockband?

Guitar Hero & Rockband have vocals, guitar, bass & drums. There's only 1 thing missing...and that's a piano/keyboard. It would be kind of hard for this to happen, but who knows? Anything is possible. My idea would be like a shrunken version keyboard (like one of those that producers use in the studio). It wouldn't have to be 88 keys like a real piano. And then the person playing the keyboard during the game would have to switch on the fly between certain effects. For example, let's say someone's playing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. Piano is playing all throughout the intro and first verse until "Strangers waiting up and down the boulevard..." then the orchestra sounds start playing for the rest of the song. Now, what about the notes appearing on screen? I would say that the notes would read from left to right, perhaps under the lyrics. What's your take on this guys? How would the notes be played out and followed on the screen?

A: I think there shouldn't be a piano on guitar hero or rockband because it would take up the whole screen. +it would be very hard to play. but it would be cool if there was 1.

Q: Experienced pianists: Do you alternate between a genuine piano and an electronic keyboard?

My piano teacher told me at this point in the game, it may be beneficial and challenging for me to alternate between my real piano and full electronic piano keyboard. (At the very beginning of my lessons, she encouraged me to play a real piano only). 36-year-old female. Piano student for one year. Almost on Level 3. My electronic keyboard, while it has weighted keys just like a piano, has a somewhat different "feel" to it -- almost like the keys are wider when I know they're probably not.

A: Hi! I've been playing the piano for a while now, too. I'm not quite sure how to answer your question, because both are fun and beneficial in different aspects. With the electric, of course you can have different effects and sounds, but it also provides an alternative key touch feeling, and sometimes that depends on how much you like to press on the keys. With the real piano, it's a little bit easier to play and sounds more "original". It is, however, a challenge, as your teacher put it. It's probably beneficial to get a feel for both types of pianos. I'd say, for more modern pieces, go for the electronic; for classical and more retro, maybe the real piano is the thing for you.

Good Ear helps you to develop good ears. It works within your browser. Share with me your music ideas. If realization is easy then I will made free for you. Online music generator for kids and adults.

Our online piano lessons are targeted for ages 13 and up. If you are a beginner adult or parent who wants to teach his or her child to play piano then you will enjoy this game. You will find our online piano lessons very helpful. Parents or teaches can also use our piano lessons as part of fun activities for their children. These lessons also help those who already know how to play piano as well.

If you are an absolute beginner, our lessons in the preparation section will help get you started. You will learn basic piano skills such as understanding the piano layout and basic music notation. After that, you will move on to learn piano chords, music theory, piano improvisation, and piano technique. Free Piano Resources In addition, you will find that our piano resources section is extremely useful with free sheet music. We offer public domain sheet music, sheet music previews of many popular songs, and even blank sheet music to help you get started on your next masterpiece.

We also provide ear training tools in our music tools section that will help to reinforce what you have learned from our piano lessons. Piano Related Reviews In order to make sure that you gain the most out of this site, Zebra Keys continuously reviews and adds more songs for practice. We also provide you with piano reviews on the best piano related products available from DVD's to books on piano learning. Chord Piano In 10 Days! Piano for busy adults using piano chords & chord symbols . on close-up online games video .gets you chording really fast! virtual guitar

Music theory involves many different things besides reading notes on a staff. Melody, harmony, pitch, rhythm, expression, dynamics, tone color are just some of the things you can learn about. These web sites contain activities and lessons on more than one aspect of music. The * ones are the most fun and thorough, although a little more difficult. A few of them have adjustable setting to make them easier for children up to advanced! I hope you will find one or more of these useful!



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