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  • sequencer online js - Little online sequencer, 4 drum tracks, 4 instrument tracks, 1 bar only, result can be saved (simple mix format: serialized post array). . .
  • meta tags of MIDI - Shows content of all meta events in the first track of a midi file. These events are often used for song title, copyright informations etc. (like ID3 tags in mp3 files).
  • midi duration - Show how to find the duration of a midi file. uses a simple child class.
  • convert midi type - Converts midi files of type 1 to type 0. uses a simple child class.
  • volume changer - Change the (channel) volume(s). uses a simple child class.
  • midi trim -  Trimming a midi file. uses a simple child class.
  • midi manipulate Manipulation of midi data (imported midi file) in various ways

By using this scripts you can play and convert midi, txt, xml, rttl files.




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