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Piano pitch flash games

Computer play a note pitch ear training. You try to understand it and type c,d,e,f,g...
Computer show a note you try to understand it play keyboard
Piano music machine free online game you can compose melody and play it. Try compose melody. This is very easy.
Music free online game. Try to repeat music.
Note pair online game. Find all notes. This game is very useful for music memory improvement.
Notes shooter online game. Try to recognize note as fast as you can.
Piano note free online teacher
Sound memory improvement free game. Listen music. Then try to repeat it.
Drag music online game. Compose melody by notes.
Piano note editor. Compose melody. Use mouse for composing.
Chord keyboard major movie
Piano keyboard online game. Download piano keyboard movie on to your computer and play.

Online music games for kids

Rainbow piano for kids. Computer show the color. Kids need to press correct note.
Can you play jingle bells? Look at the note sheet and play.

Drums flashes games and movies

Drums music machine free online game
Drums editor online game
Drums player online music machine
Restore rhythm online ear training
Drums map movie
Flash drums movie

Metronomes and forks

Light metronome online movie
Metronome online movie
Guitar tuning fork its help tune guitar

Guitar flash games and movies

Guitar music machine
Basic guitar chords and how it
C major chords exercises for guitar
Guitar online chords
Guitar chord finder
Guitar chords machine with sound

How play guitar

Guitar online scales music lesson
Guitar chords
Get started guitar music lesson
How guitar works music lesson
Guitar strum patterns online free movie
Guitar scales
Guitar picking patterns play on guitar.

Music quiz

Orchestra quiz online music
Music quiz for kids

Music box

piano, guitar and drum machine ear training
Virtual band
Beat box movie

Other flash movies and games

Notes shooter with rating online ear training

Music theory

Music software


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Free online eye trainings

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Ear training lessons. Name of tone by ear. Pure guitar secrets. This software show you how to play a piano. Find here music theory. Learn to read music with software. Easy ear training. Guitar and bass ear trainer. Play along ear training software. Free flash music download. Piano soul learn to play and become the musician you always wanted to be.

Note any pitch by ear software. Fully customizable software. Unique ear training. How to study music. Music skills, fun and performance. Make learning music whit flash music games. Ear training online games. The way to learn music. free lessons. Note teacher game. Drums and Piano flash games. The new way to learn music. Guitar scales flash movies. Drum set online. Piano unique online. How to play online. Know how compose music. You can to do music easy and funny.

You can download free flash games from this site and place on your site or on your home computer. You need find download link on the page with flash game. Then you can free download it. Then you can use it absolutely free. I just ask you to please a link on this page. flash music games. The more links on free flash music games site then will more free flash music games. I like do flash. Flash is my hobby.

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Music is not magic will make you a better musician Sight-read and sight-sing with perfection. Improvise on your instrument - straight from your mind. Name tones and chords by ear. Transcribe a tune when you hear it. See the music you hear with your inner eye and notate it. Be able to play Pop, Folk, Jazz, or Contemporary Gospel keyboard and Piano music by ear. Flash online games it is interactive and fun. It gives you instant feedback. Exercises are never the same. Difficulty is adjusted as you do progress.

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Metronomes and fork

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How guitar work

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