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The following tutorial will help to explain to you the basic concept of reading guitar tab. Although it may seem complex, learning to read tab is quite simple, and you should find yourself reading tab easily in no time.

Another major problem with guitar tablature is only guitarists can read it. While standard notation is readable by those who play any instrument, tab is native to guitarists, so those who don't play guitar won't be able to comprehend it. This makes any sort of musical communication with a piano player, or other musician, very difficult.


  • Decide what style interests you, and take advice from your teacher
  • Finding a teacher should not be difficult. Some people manage to teach themselves on folk and electric guitar
  • Instruments are fairly cheap to buy and maintain
  • Folk-style is easy to learn, classical is hard with the other styles in between
  • For classical and Spanish-style guitarists the opportunities for group music making are not good. They are better for folk guitarists. Electric guitarists usually make their own opportunities


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