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Music composing software

Music composing software is a music notation tools.

  • Composing software use graphical music composition/recording tool and MIDI synthesizer, that makes it easy and fun to compose and play instrumental and background music.
  • Composing software was designed for the novice, or anyone who can't read sheet music but wants to create musical masterpieces.
  • It has a simple to understand graphic interface that resembles a sheet music score, but without the complex notation.
  • Select from 100 + instruments. Write a music score for up to 8 instruments, play it, edit it until you are satisfied, and save it as score file.
  • Create music almost effortlessly. Instantly write, play and edit notes. Composing instrumental music is easy as pie with Composing software
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    QUARTET Features:


  • Easy to use graphic interface visualizes staff and notes.
  • MIDI driver selection
  • Select 1 to 8 channels for recording/playback
  • Select individual instruments for each channel
  • Save a composition as a highly compact and editable score file (.SNG)
  • Record a composition as a CD quality 16 bit WAV file (you can select from 16 recording formats
  • Multiple input recording
  • Play MIDI, WAV and CD recordings
  • MP3 Encoder with bit rate selection
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