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Bradford City guide, including Bradford Hotels

Maria Williams Williams

In the county of West Yorkshire is where tourists will find the

bustling city of Bradford. Situated in Northern England, Bradford has

more than 470,000 inhabitants and it ranks eleventh in terms of the

size of various cities in England. Bradford has a rich history and was

one of the central focuses of thriving businesses during the time of

the Industrial Revolution. Former home of the Bronte Sisters, as well

as many other famous individuals, Bradford continues to thrive in terms

of business and also continues to draw thousands of tourists each and

every year. Finally, Bradford is surrounded Cities surrounding Bradford include Bath, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh,

Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Oxford and York.

Places of interest:

Looking to plan your itinerary while in England? Make sure that

Bradford is on your list of places to see. Chockfull of historical

adventures and incredible recreational pursuits, a trip to England

would be incomplete if one doesn t partake in all that Bradford has to


  • ART GALLERIES: When visiting Bradford, tourists are frequently
  • drawn to the cultural attractions that Bradford offers. Bradford is

    home to several art galleries including the City Art Gallery at the

    Headrow which houses incredible sculptures and paintings.

  • WALKING TOURS: Tourist will thoroughly enjoy the walking tours
  • through the moorlands and woodlands of Bradford. Further, tourist can

    choose to take self guide walks or tour guide walks, whichever they

    prefer. Such tours allow tourists to enjoy all of the wildlife in


  • FAMILY ADVENTURES: Numerous natural parks and amusement parks are
  • in Bradford, promising entertainment for the whole family. From boating

    to bowling, there is no end to the fun for families in Bradford.

  • SPORTS: there are plenty of sports to engage in while visiting
  • Bradford and fishing, sailing, wind surfing, swimming, cycling,

    horseback riding,and walking are just a few of the sports that

    tourists will find enjoyable.

  • SHOPPING: A number of mill shops and Asian stores are readily
  • accessible in Bradford.

    Things to do:

    There is no shortage of fun and fascinating things to do while in

    Bradford. Whether tourists travel alone or with the entire family, they

    can easily find enjoyable recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • BRADFORD BULLS: in the Odsal Stadium, the Bradford Bulls is the
  • favourite rug over 12,000 people visit the Bradford Bulls games and there is

    pre-game entertainment at every game.

  • BRADFORD ICE RINK: at 19 Little Horton Lane is an ice skating rink
  • that the entire family can enjoy. Whether tourists are out on the ice

    with the kids or they are watching one of the many ice shows hosted at

    the Bradford Ice Rink, time spent at the ice rink will be nothing but


  • COLOUR MUSEUM: 1 Providence Street is a one of a kind experience
  • for every resident and tourist in Bradford. Learn how animals perceive

    colour, how colour dyes are created and more. A great time for the

    entire family. The cost for admission is £1.75 for adults and

    £4 for the entire family.

  • Pictureville, is an exciting location with interactive exhibits and a

    place that reveals movie and television magic!

  • RED HOUSE: The former home of Mary Taylor, now known as the Red
  • House is located on Oxford Road. Mary Taylor was the former friend of

    Charlotte Bronte and the house was erected in the 17th century.

  • for every model train enthusiast. Model trains are sold as well as all

    of their accessories and you can have fun looking at all of the model

    train layouts.

    Food & Drink:

    Visitors to Bradford can find fantastic dining in and around the

    surrounding areas of Bradford with relative ease. No matter what a

    tourist s dining preference is, they can satiate their appetite easily

    when visiting Bradford.

  • ADELPHI: located on 1-5 Hunslet Road, offers lagers, beers, and a
  • variety of juices as well as fine dining. Desserts include both the

    Yorkshire pie and the Dolcelatte Pudding.

  • BREAK FOR THE BORDER: at 174-178 Lower Briggate in Leeds, just 9
  • miles from Bradford. It is a bar and lounge offering drinks and

    entertainment. The upstairs of the location is a restaurant that offers

    a variety of Tex-Mex foods.

  • GRILLADE: on Wellington Street in Leeds, is a mere walk from the
  • train station. If it s a French Bistro that a tourist s seeks, then the

    Grillade is sure to please. The Grillade serves nothing but the finest

    French entrees and has a variety of plates to choose from.

  • FUJI HIRO: at 45 Wade Lane in Leeds offers an array of Japanese and
  • Chinese cuisine. Ramen, Rice, and pan-fried noodle dishes will

    assuredly appease anyone s appetite. The Fuji Hiro serves great meals

    like chicken katsu curry and chilli ebi ramen.

  • HEATHCLIFFS RESTAURANT: in Hollins Hall, Baildon, Bradford,
  • requires that residents and tourists make reservations in advance and

    that they adhere to the dress code provided. Offering background piano

    music while visitors dine, Heathcliffs is the place in Bradford for the

    ultimate dining experience.

    Hotels & Accommodation:

    Accommodations are not at all hard to come numerous hotels and self catering sites for tourist to choose from. No

    matter what a tourist decides, they will find they get the finest

    service during their stay in Bradford.

  • Midland Hotel
  • Courtyard
  • Park Grove Hotel
  • The Dubrovnik Hotel
  • Sporting Lodge Inns
  • Novotel Bradford
  • Best Western Guide Post Hotel
  • Express
  • Entertainment

    There is plenty of entertainment in Bradford that is suitable for all

    ages. Theatres, Cinemas, Aquariums and nightlife entertainment are

    abundant in this city. Bars, lounges, and dance clubs await the tourist

    looking to relax and socialise.

    Bradford: a city you can afford to miss when visiting England.

    Excellent food, incredible sites, and lots of fun things to do, tourist

    will lose out if they don t visit Bradford. Certainly, if one wants to

    ensure their trip is complete, Bradford should be on their list of

    things to do.


    Name: Maria Williams

    Website: http://www.sleepuk.com

    Biography: Maria writes for Sleep UK - providers of hotels in bradford.


    Name: Maria Williams

    Occupation: Traveller

    Website: http://www.sleepuk.com

    Biography: Maria writes for Sleep UK - providers of discounted hotels to make your stay in the UK as comfortable as possible.

    Piano Man feared `coming out`, says school friend

    Independent, The (London), Aug 25, 2005by Matthew Beard in Posdorf

    The Piano Man vanished from the southern German village where he was brought up because he was in turmoil over his sexuality, according to one of his closest friends.

    Andreas Grassl, 20, whose identity remained a mystery for four months after he was found on a beach in Sheerness, Kent, left his family in Bavaria last year because he feared revealing that he was gay.

    His anguish was recounted yesterday by a former classmate as a picture began to emerge of the recent state of mind of Mr Grassl, who remains in hiding after returning to Germany at the weekend from a hospital in Dartford, where he was treated for an apparent nervous breakdown until he broke his silence on Friday.

    `He told me that he was gay but he hadn`t come out because in this area you can`t really do that " people don`t accept it,` said Dana Shano, 20, one of those pictured in the photograph published yesterday of class 11b at the Robert Schumann Gymnasium, or grammar school.

    `That`s why he went away because he found dealing with his sexuality difficult. He was a bit of an outsider but he had a small group of friends " a couple of girls and a couple of guys. But I`m not aware whether he had a partner,` she said.

    `I was part of his group and we were a bit different from the rest of them. We didn`t talk about the normal things that people from the country do.`

    His interests were high-brow compared to many, she said. He wrote for the local Bayer Wald Echo newspaper about film, pop music and youth issues, including a piece about flirting, and hoped a recent internship at the respected Bayern 3 radio station would launch his journalism career.

    `He was a good friend of mine. He had different interests and there was something a bit special about him. His parents didn`t really understand him " I don`t know if they thought he was gay. Neither his parents nor his two sisters really understood him. He spoke very little about his family. When he was identified it was a big shock, I didn`t think he would do something like that. I didn`t recognise him immediately [from the picture] because he had put on weight and his skin, which used to be spotty, had cleared up.`

    According to Sebastian Neumayer, who had known Mr Grassl since the age of 10, he had become a nuisance to some teachers despite being an intelligent student. `He would insult teachers and make jokes about them. He had favourite teachers but if he didn`t like them he would insult them.` According to another friend it was `without a goodbye or a single comment` that Grassl left his grammar school in the nearby town of Cham in May last year, to begin a nine- month stint of community service " an alternative to military service " working with the disabled in Saarbrcken, western Germany.

    At the end of March this year, he moved to France and his whereabouts was not known to his parents until last week. His parents, who reported their son missing to French police, then read about the Piano Man but it had not occurred to them who he might be, their lawyer said.

    `There were pictures in the regional papers but not the local ones and the family were aware of the Piano Man but had not seen a picture. When they were shown the picture eventually they saw no similarity - he had no glasses and his hair was different` said Christian Baumann.

    He dismissed claims that Mr Grassl, who earnt his nickname by playing piano while in care, was talentless in that respect. `It`s not true that he can`t play the piano. He can and he is largely self- taught on a keyboard at home although he is no virtuoso,` Mr Baumann said.

    Yesterday, Mr Grassl`s father Joseph could be seen running errands around his farm in the gently sloping hills of Posdorf and popping over the border to buy petrol in the Czech Republic while his wife Christa continued with her housework, occasionally appearing in the garden of their home, a three- storey chalet.

    It is thought that their only son, one of three children, remained indoors and has agreed to answer 10 e-mailed questions submitted by the assembled British media, who were in the town last night.

    Copyright 2005 Independent Newspapers UK Limited

    Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved.

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