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Moving To The Next Level With Adsense

Halstatt Pires

When you first start promoting Adsense on your site, the potential is obvious. After a few months, however, you need to move to the next level to maximize revenues.

Moving To The Next Level With Adsense

When it comes to Adsense optimization, most will talk about different ad sizes and colors. These can make a difference, but the biggest and best enhancement has everything to do with placement.

Assume you are reading the sports page or some other part of the paper one morning. The page is full of images, text and advertisements. What do you see? Typically, you first read the headlines and look at the images. After that, you either read a story of interest or turn the page.

You will note that I didn t mention looking at advertisements. This is because you will have developed a filter over time that causes you to ignore the ads on the pages. In practical terms, this is the equivalent of Pavlov s dogs, but backwards. You know the ads are in certain areas and you just tend to avoid them naturally so you can focus on why your team is losing, you stock bombed or the latest scandal. This concept applies to the web as well.

People inherently avoid advertisements on web pages including Adsense ads. The number one Adsense improvement you can make is to move your ads. Should you place your ads at the top? The bottom? The side columns? The answer to all of these questions is absolutely not. Here comes the secret .

The best location for your ads is in the middle of the page. For most sites, this means between the paragraphs of text on a page. Few sites take this approach, so readers are not conditioned to skip over the ads. Since Adsense ads track with the keywords on the page, this position is a gold mine because the ads are read

There are a lot of tips on how to generate much more revenue with Adsense. When you cut through the riff raff, however, the placement of your ads is everything. Try it and see.

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Trade war drums beat faster - between American and Japanese automobile manufacturers - Brief Article

Ward`s Auto World , Feb, 1992

The formal relationship between U.S. and Japanese automakers grows rapidly frostier as the rhetorical flames build and ever-louder drum beats to "Buy American" resound across the U.S. There are political references to a foreign trade "Pearl Harbor," suggestions by one Big Three executive than an "economic cold war" might be close at hand, and a blunt rejection of further meetings with his U.S. counterparts by a top Japanese executive. Most ranking auto executives dismiss inflammatory comments by politicians in Japan and the U.S. as so much political posturing, but more basic moves raise warning flags of an impending showdown.

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