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Dragon Force: Ticketnest

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DragonForce (aka DragonHeart) is a British power metal band created in London, United Kingdom in the year of 1999. They are known for their dual guitar harmonies, flamboyant, speed and style, and epic guitar and vocals, as presented on their most recent album `Inhuman Rampage`. DragonForce initially created in 1999 from the leftovers of a lot of extreme metal bands like Black Metal band Demoniac and many more On the October 28, 2005, bassist Adrian Lambert declared his departure in order to raise his young son which later discovered that he had music differences with Herman and Sam. On November 23rd 2005, DragonForce was signed to Roadrunner Records in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and New Zealand, who released their most recent effort, Inhuman Rampage, on January 9th, 2006. Band s musical style involves:

Emphasis on speed, twin-guitar harmonies.

Lyrics of a fantastical or epic nature.

Use of background choral singing throughout.

Optimistic and uplifting chorus sections. (musically and lyrically)

Video game influenced melodies and guitar noises.

DragonForce admits that their music is not produced as wholly serious and the lyrics, those posses normally to fantasy subjects like battles, swords, quests and heroes. They further admit that their music base on fantasy-related materials such as video games counting "Wonder Boy in Monster World" (a game for the Sega Megadrive console), and have lyrical themes which are sometimes similar to those of, for example, The Lord of the Rings ( http://www.ticketnest.com/theater-tickets/Lord-of-the-Rings/index.php ), relating to fantasy subjects and battles.

On the band s first album, Valley of the Damned, they particularly emphasized on guitar sounds and melodies defining an `epic` sound, along with a technical mix of bass and drum compositions. This produced a `thundering` sound. The arrangements were more centered on voice and melody producing a fantastic, epic sound true to the power metal genre.

The second album, Sonic Firestorm contained blast beat style of drumming, usually limited to the death metal and hardcore genres, was adopted into DragonForce s playing, providing support to their newly born extreme power metal genre.

Band s third release, Inhuman Rampage continues their technical guitar based melodies. The keyboard plus extended keyboard solos are noticed in this release, featuring Vadim`s accelerating impact in the band. Growling backing vocals like to those found in black metal can also be heard prior to special effects on vocals. DragonForce acknowledged themselves as one of "extreme power metal" genre (DragonForce.com, Dec 2005).

There are few who think that "extreme power metal" to already have existed before DragonForce took the term like they mention bands that blend power metal with extreme metal influences named Children of Bodom, Wintersun and Kalmah have been mentioned to as such the harsh vocals are featured in these bands, and are one of the major requirements of the `extreme` tag. Nevertheless, this sorting of "extreme" power metal is not necessarily what DragonForce comprises on, because they mainly focus more on the speed and thunderous attack of their playing. Also, because of the fantasy themes that present the band, DragonForce have repeatedly been linked with epic metal that also features Rhapsody of Fire, Hammerfall, and Blind Guardian as this is typical of power metal as a genre. In a fresh interview in the British magazine "Total Guitar", DragonForce guitarist Herman Li charged metalcore band Trivium that they play "like a bunch of fifteen-year-olds", stirring a lot of criticism from Trivium fans against DragonForce.

Conversely in, another recent interview, Matt Heafy of Trivium jokingly stated, "We tried to get them thrown off Roadrunner after we heard about that," disclosing these comments were not meant to be taken seriously as the two bands are actually good friends "Nah, we weren`t offended- we thought it was hilarious".

The comments were maybe taken out of refrence given Herman Li`s and Sam Totman`s frequent use of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor that normally culminates in semi-serious mocking remarks; particularly in relation to each other`s guitar playing ability plus the guitar playing ability of others.

For more information about Dragon Force visit: http://www.ticketnest.com/concert-tickets/Dragonforce/index.php

Sara grew up in Kansas and after moving to Carlsbad, CA, relates to Dorothy of the "Wizard of Oz" fame. No surprise that she loves theater including "Wicked". Sara is a staff writer for Ticket Nest ( www.ticketnest.com ) and enjoys writing about her travel, theater and concert experiences. She can be reached at [email protected]

Fibre cans, tubes & drums - Directory

Paperboard Packaging , Nov, 2003

COMPANIES are shown alphabetically by state. BRANCH PLANTS (BP) directly owned by any one company are shown under the company`s headquarters listing, with cross-references in the state of operation. SUBSIDIARIES (Sub Co) or AFFILIATES (Af Co), if applicable, are shown under each plant listing. STYLES OF DRUMS PRODUCED (shown after the company address) & EQUIPMENT are designated according to the legend on this page. INTEGRATED PLANT (Int) or INDEPENDENT PLANT (Ind) is indicated as well as ISO certified plants (ISO).

 A Spiral Winders
 BaConvolute (Lap-Tube) Winders
 BbConvolute Winders-Automatic
 BcLap-Seam Winders
 C Fibre Cap Presses
 D Metal End Presses
 E Conical Formers
 FaMetal End Seamers
 FbFibre End Curlers
 G Printing Presses
 H Labeling Machines
 J Slitters & Rewinders
 K Other equipment



Linden Plant, Linden AL (BP, see SC) (Int)


Mobile Plant, Prichard AL (BP, see SC) (Int)

Greif Inc

Mobile (Creola) Plant, Creola AL (BP, see OH)

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp

Eufaula Plant, Eufaula AL (BP, see MO) (Int)

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp

Mobile Plant, Mobile AL (BP, see MO) (Int)

Sonoco Products Co

Florence Plant, Industrial Products Div North America, Florence AL (BP, see SC) (Int)

Sonoco Products Co

Opp Plant, Industrial Products Div North America, Opp AL (BP, see SC)



Phoenix Plant, Phoenix AZ (BP, see SC) (Int)



McGehee Plant, McGehee AR (BP, see SC) (Int)

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp

Crossett Plant, Crossett AR (BP, see MO) (Int)

Sonoco Products Co

Pine Bluff Plant, Industrial Products Div North America, Pine Bluff AR (BP, see SC)


Greif Inc

Los Angeles Plant, La Palma CA (BP, see OH)

Greif Inc

Morgan Hill Plant, Morgan Hill CA (BP, see OH)

Newark Paperboard Products

Mira Loma Plant, Newark Paperboard Products, Mira Loma CA (BP, see WA) (Int)

Newark Paperboard Products

Stockton Plant, Newark Paperboard Products-West, Stockton CA (BP, see WA) (Ind)

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp

Vacaville Plant, Vacaville CA (BP, see MO) (Int)

Sonoco Products Co, 166 N Baldwin Park Blvd, City of Industry CA 91746

Phone: 626-369-6611

Fax: 626-968-3848

Size Diam: 1 to 48 in

Equip: A - Fa - J

Monthly Cap: 60,000 sq ft

Sales Mgr: Terry A McKeon

Plant Mgr: Pressley Coker

Sonoco Products Co

Industry Plant, Industrial Products Div North America, City of Industry CA (BP, see SC)

Sonoco Products Co

Los Angeles Plant, Consumer Products Div, Norwalk CA (BP, see SC)

Tube Tainer Inc, 8174 Byron Rd, Whittier CA 90606 (Ind)

Phone: 562-945-3711

Fax: 562-698-1542

Online: http://www.tubetainer.com

Size Diam: 0.75 to 12 in

Equip: 3A - K (angleboard machines)

Monthly Cap: 44,000 sq ft

Pres: Robert Nichols

Gen Mgr: Michael Mundia


Newark Paperboard Products

Newark Paperboard Products-Denver, Newark Paperboard Products-West, Aurora CO (BP, see WA)

Sonoco Products Co

Berthoud Plant, Industrial Products Div North America, Berthoud CO (BP, see SC) (ISO)


Greif Inc

Windsor Locks Plant, Windsor Locks CT (BP, see OH)



Cantonment Plant, Cantonment FL (BP, see SC) (Int)


New Smyrna Beach Plant, New Smyrna Beach FL (BP, see OH)


Palatka Plant, Palatka FL (BP, see SC) (Int)

Design Containers Inc, 2913 Westside Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32209

Phone: 904-764-6541

Fax: 904-764-7221

Online: http://www.designcontainers.com, [email protected]

CEO: Samuel H Vickers

In House Counsel: Gerald P Kelley Jr

Pres: Edgar B Vickers

Plant Mgr: Rowland Howell

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp

Jacksonville Plant, Jacksonville FL (BP, see MO) (Int)

Sonoco Products Co

Orlando, Consumer Products Div, Orlando FL (BP, see SC)


Caraustar, Corp Office, 3100 Joe Jerkins Blvd, PO Box 115 (30168), Austell GA 30106

Phone: 770-948-3101

Fax: 770-732-3433

Online: http://www.caraustar.com, [email protected]

Type of Company: Rigid Boxes, Folding Cartons

VP/Custom Pkg Group: Jim Walden

VP/Mktg: Tony Petrelli


Austell Plant, Austell GA (BP, see SC) (Int)


Cedar Springs Plant, Blakely GA (BP, see SC) (Int)


Dalton Plant, Dalton GA (BP, see SC) (Int)

GCC Drum

Lawrenceville Plant, Lawrenceville GA (BP, see IL) (ISO 9001)

Greif Inc

Lavonia Plant, Lavonia GA (BP, see OH)

Greif Inc

Lithonia Plant, Lithonia GA (BP, see OH)

Rock-Tenn Co, Paperboard Products Div, 504 Thrasher St, PO Box 4098, Norcross GA 30091 (Ind)

Phone: 770-448-2193

Chmn: James A Rubright

Exec VP, Gen Mgr Ppbd Group: David Dreibelbis

Exec VP, Gen Mgr Paperboard Prod Div: Terry Durham

Sr VP, CFO: Steve Voorhees

VP Sales: Dan Wilcutt

| Aurora Converting, 705 N Farnsworth Ave, Aurora IL 60505 (Ind)

Phone: 630-898-4231

Gen Mgr: Paul Wilson

| Cincinnati Mill, 3347 Madison Rd, Cincinnati OH 45209 (Ind)

Phone: 513-87 5000

Gen Mgr: Wanda Clossey

| Columbus Converting, 983 S Marr Rd, Columbus IN 47201 (Int)

Phone: 812-378-0308

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