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Affiliate Marketing - Which Products Do I Sell?

Robert Richards Richards

There are literally millions of affiliate products available for you to represent. No matter how defined or targeted your niche is, you will have many products to choose from. How will you know which ones will make you money or which ones will be a total flop?

Today, I want to share with you one simple principle that you can use when choosing your affiliate products. If you adhere to this principle, your advertising and marketing will direct and encourage your customers to buy from you. If you neglect this principle, your marketing and advertising will not be as effective and your bottom line will be less than it could be.

What s the principle? Let me describe it for you with a story

Once upon a time (don t all stories begin with Once upon a time ?), long, long ago, in a not so far away place, lived a man named Rob, and he loved to surf. This was long before the internet, and the surfing was done in the ocean, not on a computer! This was also before Rob was married and long before having children, back in the day when he actually had time for such activities I m sorry I digress

To support his surfing habit, Rob worked at night as a food server at a sit down (as opposed to drive through) Mexican restaurant. Rob made lots of money working as a food server, a.k.a. waiter, because of one thing

Drum roll please because here is the principle for you to remember

Rob made lots of money as a waiter because he LOVED the food that he was selling. Yes, that s right, he LOVED the food. He loved the food at this particular restaurant, for we all know that not all restaurants are created equal, so much, that the people he served would always buy more. They would buy more appetizers, more guacamole, more drinks, more desserts and even more food to take home because Rob told them honestly how much they would like it. Bigger checks equaled bigger tips, which equaled more money for Rob to use to buy another surf board.

And so it is for us today. If you are really trying to market and advertise a particular product, you ve got to like it yourself. And if you LOVE it, so much the better! It is easier to convince people to buy something when you truly believe they will benefit.

Of course, there are other reasons in picking which affiliate products to sell. Questions like Is it selling for others? What percentage of sales are done with referrals? What is the commission? Do I like the sales page?

But we ll save these for another training article!

Today s main point is simply this Do I like the product myself ? Can I share this product with another person, looking them in the eye or not, and honestly tell them it is a good thing? If you can answer YES, you ll be one step closer to closing your next sale.

Now get out there and market!

Richard Barrientos: From Drumming To Making Drums - Art culo Breve - Entrevista

Latin Beat Magazine , Nov, 2000 by Rudy Mangual

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Rich Barrientos`s mother was of Mexican ancestry and his father was from the Philippines. They both recognized his interest in music at a very early age. He remembers that his father would take him to live jazz concerts in downtown LA to see and hear drummers like Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. It was shortly thereafter that his parents bought him his first snare drum.

It was not until his high school years that Barrientos took private drum lessons. Also during this time he was made aware of Latin music through school friend Tommy Saito. Tommy, of Japanese descent, encouraged Rich to listen to Latin music, which he [Saito] was studying under Wilfredo "Chonguito" Vicente.

Chonguito, originally from Cuba, was living in L.A. after a few years of tenure with the Tito Rodr guez orchestra. Barrientos` cousin, Bob Bergara, also a mestizo Filipino, already had a Lat n jazz quintet and encouraged him to learn to play Latin percussion drums. Taking his cousin`s and friend`s advice, Barrientos set out and bought his first set of timbales from percussionist Mike Gutierrez. Soon after, he bought his first set of conga drums and bongos, determined to learn and study all the Latin percussion instruments.

In his senior year of high school, Barrientos began to work for a small record distributor that carried the majority of the popular Latin labels such as Tico, Seeco, Puchito, Gema, Panart, Alegre, Orfeon and a few lesser known labels. It was during this time that he really fell in love with Lat n music. Working at the distribution company and studying music at the same time, he began playing well enough that his cousin Bob advised him to join the musicians Union Local #47 in Hollywood.

Soon after, Barrientos joined the Bob Bergara Quintet, playing both trap drums and timbal. After graduating from high school, Barrientos and Saito teamed up and started working Latin gigs together, Tommy on conga and Rich on timbal. Their first important gig was with the Hector River y su Conjunto Siboney, which lasted several years. River became their mentor and taught them a lot about Latin music and particularly about Cuban rhythms. Eventually, the band became the "house band" at the then famous Zenda Ballroom in downtown L.A., alternating sets with all the popular Latin bands touring through town every weekend for several years.

"It was wonderful working sets with greats like Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, Machito, La Playa Sextet, Noro Morales, Joe Loco, P rez Prado and all the well known bands of that time. We also became good friends with the legendary musicians Mongo Santamar a and Willie Bobo when they were with the Cal Tjader quintet."

Barrientos stayed in the record distribution business until 1968, when he landed a great job with one of the largest music instrument distributors, C. Bruno & Son, Inc. He continued to play gigs at night until 1975, when the Kaman Corporation purchased Bruno Inc., moving the company to Chicago. Rich and his family stayed in the Chicago area until 1980, then decided to move back home to L.A. He continued working with local music distributors in management positions from 1980 to 1995 and still played at night as much as possible. By 1998, a local company purchased the Gon Bops of California drum company appointing Barrientos as their sales and marketing manager. At the end of 1998, the company was forced to close their operations. It was at this time that he was introduced to Mel Morrow, President and CEO of Ryko Plastic Products. Barrientos always had a dream of someday having the opportunity to produce the authentic Cuban-style Vergara conga drums. After a few meetings with Mel Morrow, they decided to ma ke that dream a reality, creating Timba Inc. on January 4, 1999. Today, Richard Barrientos doesn`t play anymore, but is the general manager of Timba Inc. who makes the conga drums of his dreams.

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