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Richard Henderson

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Richard henderson recently gave up his job to work from home full time.

Bronze/TiC composites for friction drums. (Tech Spotlight).

Advanced Materials & Processes , November, 2002 by Juan J. Valencia

Scientists in the U.S. Navy developed a centrifugal casting technology that was utilized in producing aluminum bronze/titanium carbide (TiC) composites for friction drum applications in replenishment ships (Fig. 1). These drums are components of hauling winches on the ships. Scientists tested an initial group of drums in a severe marine environment, and drum performance was outstanding. Unfortunately, the quality and performance of these early drums was not matched by subsequent production drums.

The National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology (NCEMT) was asked to determine the cause of the poor performance. Toward this end, NCEMT conducted a "reverse You can purchase it here. It`s quick and easy.

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