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The Best Work Based from Home Job for You

Craig Murdock

What is the best work based from home job for you is entirely a personal and professional decision. The best work based from home job for one person could be a nightmare for another. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration when determining what the best work based from home job is for you.

Outdoors Versus Indoors Type of Person

One factor to consider when choosing the best work based from home job for you is whether you consider yourself to be an indoors person or an outdoors person. If you prefer the outdoors, you might be better suited to a window washing business, a landscaping business, or a car wash business. If you are an indoors person, on the other hand, the best work based from home job for you might be freelance writing, translation or data entry. Or, perhaps you could be a freelance graphic artist or have a home-based answering service.

If you like a bit of the outdoors and the indoors, the best work based from home job might be something such as candle making. With candle making, you get to stay indoors while making the candle and while performing online transactions, but you can go outdoors when it comes time to sell the candles at fairs and craft shows.

Creative versus Concrete

Another area of consideration when trying to determine the best work based from home job for you is whether you are a creative person or a more business-minded person. If you are a creative person, then you might want to start a work based from home business that allows you to indulge in that need to be creative. Perhaps you can craft wooden furniture or make yard decorations and rotate your stock based on the seasons and the holidays. You might even want to start your own interior design business.

If the thought of picking up a paint brush or getting dirty turns you off, then you might want to consider an Internet-based retail business. In fact, the best work based from home job for you might be a home typing business, a notary service, or even working as a nutritionist.

A People Person versus Loner

Some people are what we call a people person, while others prefer not to interact with people much at all. When determining the best work based from home job for you, you need to be honest with yourself where this is concerned. If you are not a people person, you probably do not want to select a home-based business that will involve beating the street prospecting to drum up business and clients as is required in multi-level marketing. Instead, you might want to select a business that allows you to sit behind your computer all day and not have to interact much with people at all.

If you are a people person, on the other hand, the lack of human contact afforded work based from home job for you.

Volcano Percussion: Hawaiian home grown drums

Latin Beat Magazine , Nov, 2004 by Rudy Mangual

A native of Hollywood, California, Thomas Alexander inherited his passion and love for music and engineering from his parents. His mother was a jazz singer and his father was a structural engineer. You can say he was raised with a slide ruler in one hand and a ser of bongos in the other. As a teen, he spent his weekends and evenings in various jazz clubs, from Howard Rumsey`s The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach to Shelly Mann`s Hole in Hollywood to The Black Falcon in Santa Monica, taking photographs of his favorite musicians while enjoying their music. After a six-year military stint during the Vietnam War, he decided to make the beautiful archipelago of Hawaii his home. Notable to find a job in the field of photography, he rapidly registered in college, hoping to apply his engineering skills and artistic savvy to the field of fine woodworking.

The following six years of his life would be spent learning all aspects of carpentry and forestry, as well as logging, sawmill operations and fine woodworking. He married a Southern California-born-Hispanic-American named Victoria Nava, who shared his passion and love for music, and later on, would be a major part of his inspiration to create fine percussion instruments. From 1975 to 1995, Alexander operated Alika Cabinets, producing mostly one-of-a-kind fine wood pieces (for galleries of on commission). He also took pride in restoration and remodeling, and was hired to restore Imiola Church--one of the oldest churches in Hawaii--with Hawaiian Koa wood.

In 1995, after 25 years of making wood square boxes, the cabinetmaker who loved music and enjoyed playing hand percussion instruments was approached by a percussionist who wanted him to refinish a set of conga drums. As he prepared for the task and gazed at the drums, he realized that this was what he wanted to do more than anything else. Hence, the birth of Volcano Percussion. With wife Victoria`s blessing; Alexander embarked on the mission of making a drum to surpass all drums ever seen, heard or played. In January, 2004, after nine years of researching and developing the correct size and sound coordinates from his prototype drums, Volcano Percussion (V.E) opened its doors to the world. Having two of the most beautiful and highly prized woods in the world (Hawaiian Koa and Mango) at his disposal, he set off to continue a legacy of making hand drums in Hawaii, which dates back to six centuries ago when the Polynes first created the pahu (pah hoo), a coconut hollowed drum with a sharkskin head and the pu niu (poo niu), a small coconut-shell drum with a fish-skin head. These instruments are still in use today. Conga and or bung drums accompany approximately 70% of Hawaiian music these days, as well as at least 50% of the rest of the planet`s music. The tumbadoras (conga drums) arrived in Hawaii via Puerto Rico and Cuba in the early 1900s. The Latin-style form called "kachi-kachi" is alive and very popular in the Hawaiian Islands.

Bandleader/percussionist Rolando S nchez (of Salsa Hawaii Band) was fortunate to be one of the first endorsees of Hawaii`s V.P. drums. "To all professional and up and coming percussionists alike, these drums are just the right volcano explosion that you will need to produce the best sound in today`s music."

Also endorsing V.P. instruments is Russell "Sango" Robertson. Sango is an educator at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. He also has his own percussion school and currently performs in Honululu`s nightclub circuit. "The sound quality of V.P. drums surpassed my wildest dreams in my 45 years of playing."

Volcano Percussion received 1st place in the musical instrument category for their entry of an ensemble of Hawaiian Mango conga and bong drums. The award was presented to Rolando S nchez on behalf of Volcano Percussion at the Hawaii Forest Industry Association (H.F.I.A) 12th annual Juried Wood Show State Competition held on September 12 & 13, 2004 at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Honululu.

For more information on V.P. drums visit www.volcanupercussion.com.

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