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Doodlebops: IXS

Heidi Grumm

Be Ready for getting on the Bus with the Doodlebops, kids` newest music sensation with tons of talent, loads of enthusiasm, and endless energy. If there s a preschooler in your life, you know the Doodlebops, the bubblegum Canadian rockers who star in their own show on Playhouse Disney. As the made-for-TV siblings, played

It is a golden opportunity to join them as they perform their hit songs from their popular TV show on Playhouse Disney in their first ever live U.S. concert tour. Kids will be out of their seats, on their feet with joy as they sing and dance along to their favorite songs from their favorite bandmates; Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle. This candy-colored trio is sure to deliver an interactive and unforgettable experience that will be a treat for the whole family.

The World reknowned Disney (http://www.ixs.net/concert-tickets/Children-Family/Disney-Live/index.aspx ) Channel has been hosting a wonderful show, called The Doodelbops, in their Playhouse Disney lineup each Monday through Friday. It has become very much popular in USA and Canada as the Doodlebops have achieved tremendous success in entertaining the preschooler The Doodlebops is a musical comedy series for children starring Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle. They are the ultimate rock and roll band - at least as far as preschoolers are concerned - and they hang out and practice their song and dance routines in the coolest rehearsal space imaginable. Sort of a cross between PeeWee`s Playhouse and The Monkees, the show focuses on music, dance, comedy and pro-social educational issues such as sharing and perspective taking. When The Doodlebops aren`t rehearsing, they`re zooming off in their tour bus to perform for kids everywhere!

In addition to the lovely colors, the Doodlebops make beautiful music. Each song has a simple lesson, and most are very memorable with catchy tunes. Your child will fall in love. As a parent, you may enjoy listening more than watching, because of the wild dress code the Doodlebops have. Whatever you decide to do, seeing the show once is something every parent needs to experience with his or her child!

Here are some of the lovely and wonderful songs of the Doodlebobs :-

a) Song : I can Dance Sung Moe is hiding under a cmbal near his drum set. Rooney has a new invention. Moe is interested in knowing what it is, but they won`t tell him because it`s a surprise.Jazzmine enters and tells Moe to be himself and wait until the concert. He is unique and should stay that way.

While Rooney and DeeDee go to get juice, Moe cheats and looks at Rooney`s invention - a drum machine. Then Moe worries that they are going to replace him.They go to the recording studio and Moe is still very worried. In the studio, Audio Murphy records their new video for `I Can Dance`.

When the video is done, Bus Driver Bob picks them up. The bus became a stage for the Doodlebops before they took off for the concert, flying high under rocket power. Moe is still very worried.

At the concert hall they finally unveil the surprise. Moe admits he thought they were going to replace him. DeeDee and Rooney are quick to tell Moe that the Mighty Moe Machine was built to help him, so he can dance to his song without having to play the drums.

The following joke was included in this song.

Knock Knock

Who`s There?


Luke who?

Luke out!

At the end, The Doddlebop completed their song with a Lesson that Everyone can use a little help once in a while to make them better. Today, Moe got help from the Mighty Moe Machine.

b) Wobbly Whoopsy is the another lovely amusing song of the Doodlebop.

Today is DeeDee`s birthday. Rooney and Moe pretend they forgot, but blindfold DeeDee and decorate the room. For her birthday DeeDee wrote a new song and dance, called Wobbly Whoopsy. She wants Rooney and Moe to dance wearing tutus during the concert. They say no, because it is way to girly.

Rooney bakes a birthday cake; Moe causes him to step on it. This is very frequent this episode, as several cakes are ruined, and several gifts from Rooney are also ruined.

Bus Driver Bob gives DeeDee a small version of the bus, called the Doodlebop Express. At the concert hall,Mazz gives DeeDee a red necklace. Rooney and Moe still have nothing for DeeDee, not even a card.

They decide to give DeeDee a special gift. They will wear the tutus and do her new song and dance.

This Song also contained the following joke.


Who`s there?


Snow who?

Snow body but me!

Finally,the Song has a very inspiring lesson, The cost of a gift does not matter; just give from your heart .

3) The Song, You r Not Alone is also wonderful and praiseworthy.

Today Mazz lets Moe know that he will have a solo in today`s concert. Moe is very worried about this, and doesn`t want to have a solo. He goes into a trance he is so scared, and Rooney and DeeDee actually put him under the rope and for the first time, they tell him to pull it. He does. Then he confesses he is afraid of messing up during his solo.

DeeDee and Rooney spend the afternoon convincing Moe he will do fine, and they will be there to support him.

The following amusing joke can be found in the song.


Who`s there?


Tank who?

You`re welcome!

This song has the thoughtful and spiriting lesson that You can do anything when you have the support of friends and family.

DeeDee Doodle : Lisa J. Lennox plays DeeDee Doodle, in pink and purple from head to toe she has a very sweet, melodic voice. DeeDee also plays the piano and likes to do magic tricks. She is a kind and helpful girl with a great imagination. She is also very good at writing songs.

Lisa herself is 23 years old and has been performing since her childhood when she was just 3 years old. In the past, Lisa Lennox has performed at the Gemini Awards and she had a small part in the introduction of the television series Road to Avonlea. Lisa is trained in music and dance and went to Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA) instead of a traditional high school to further her love of the performing arts.

When the Doodlebops were first being filmed to show in Canada, Lisa and the rest of the cast spent 7 months filming scenes for 26 television episodes. She says that being on the Doodlebops is a dream come true, and very exciting. She also says that Jonathan and Chad helped to make the long days more bearable adding that the three of them spent a lot of time laughing which resulted in their close friendship.Lisa has great flair of making people happy, especially the children, and enjoys a lot on being part of the `ultimate rock and roll band` for preschoolers.

Moe Doodle :Jonathan Wexler plays Moe Doodle, in red and orange he loves to pull the rope, play hide and seek and play the drums. He was a member of the Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario, where he was born, and was in many Grand Theatre Productions. He is mysterious.

Rooney Doodle : Chad McNamara plays Rooney Doodle, who is blue, and he plays the guitar. Chad`s previous performing credits include playing a Wrangler in Will Rogers Follies, shown for two weeks in and Ottowa Theater from November 23, to December 3, 1995. He was also part of the cast for Mamma Mia when it toured Canada in 2003. He is a thoughtful and cool doodlebop who is totallly Funky and Spunky. He is very good at inventing things.

Mazz Kim Roberts plays Mazz who plays the Manager for the Doodlebops.She is a known actress s, whose previous credits include guest appearances in Wonderfalls, Tracker, and Twice in a Lifetime and Soul Food.

Bus Driver Bob :John Catucci plays the Bus Driver Bob. who I think personally steals the show. He is an actor who has been performing professionally for 7 years now. While he was a member of Vanier College Productions at York University, John joined David Mesiano to form The Doo Wops, a musical comedy duo. The Doo Wops have won several awards for comedy and in both 2003 and 2004 they were the Canadian Comedy Award winners for the best sketch troupe. In addition to his comedy he has also worked with Jackie Chan on The Tuxedo, and ABC movie called Kiss My Act, and many Canadian television shows.

Feld Entertainment, Inc. and Cookie Jar Entertainment Partner to Bring Kids` Favorite Rockin` Band, the Doodlebops on Premiere U.S. Tour

FELD ENTERTAINMENT, INC. and leading children`s company, COOKIE JAR ENTERTAINMENT, announced a partnership to bring the new rockin` music sensation for kids, The Doodlebops, to 40 cities across the country for their first live U.S. tour.

The Doodlebops have attracted a legion of pint-sized fans to their popular television show on the Disney Channel which introduces children to kid-themed music inspired

Today, The Doodlebops previewed their U.S. tour with a special performance in front of thousands of children at Madison Square Garden following the 136th Edition of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey(R) 10:30 a.m. matinee. The official U.S. tour will kick-off fall 2006 and continue through spring 2007.

The exploding popularity of the band makes it a perfect live touring property. The Doodlebops live-action series focuses on three candy-colored, fun loving characters -- band mates Deedee, Rooney, and Moe Doodle who happen to be in a world famous rock band! Through their energetic music, enviable dance moves, upbeat attitudes, and rockin` storylines, The Doodlebops share positive messages with their young viewing audience, and introduce them to a variety of musical and dance styles. Whether rehearsing their latest dance in their club house, touring the world in their groovy tour bus, or debuting a brand new song in concert, The Doodlebops are always encouraging youngsters to share, cooperate, learn from each other, and to get up and dance!

The Doodlebops is a top performer for Disney Channel in the U.S., and is also one of Kids` Canadian Broadcasting Corporation`s (CBC) most popular programs. The talented trio is the most dynamic new children`s act on the scene, using its top-rated, Toronto-produced TV show to entertain and educate preschoolers with a combination of original music inspired

The group has a proven track record of success not only on television, but on live tour with their recent sell out of major venues for the spring 2006 Canadian ticketed tour. Chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment, Kenneth Feld says, "This talented trio has become the new popular band for young children and is creating sensational buzz; we look forward to partnering with Cookie Jar Entertainment to spread their magic to families and children across the United States."

According to Toper Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cookie Jar Entertainment, "We`re thrilled to be working with the world`s premier live entertainment company, Feld Entertainment, to take The Doodlebops on tour across the United States, and we expect a tremendous response from the show`s enthusiastic and loyal young fans, as well as their parents."

Feld Entertainment, Inc. is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with millions of people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment`s productions have appeared in 50 countries and on six continents to date and include Disney On Ice, Disney Live! and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey(R).

Cookie Jar Group develops and markets quality products to children,their caregivers, parents and teachers. Cookie Jar Group`s products reflect ts commitment to providing the best in children`s published content, animated and live action programming and innovative educational and entertainment-driven products worldwide. The group of companies consists of Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. and Cookie Jar Education Inc., as well as a 20% interest in Teletoon Canada Inc., Canada`s only all-animation broadcaster.

Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc., Cookie Jar Group`s entertainment operation, is a leading, global, independent producer, marketing and brand manager of such renowned children`s properties as "Arthur," "The Doodlebops," "Caillou" and "Gerald McBoing Boing." Combining globally-renowned intellectual properties with an industry-recognized management team, Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. is a market-driven, brand building company that is committed to children first and foremost and is dedicated to the development and production of quality programming that embraces the whole child, with animated and live-action series that entertain, inspire and enlighten children and family audiences worldwide.

Sing and dance along with kids` favorite rockin` band from the hit TV show on Playhouse Disney.

For more information about doodle bops visit: http://www.ixs.net/concert-tickets/Other/Doodlebops/index.aspx

Carmen Sandiego: Secret of the Stolen Drums

Xbox Nation , March, 2004 by Kevin Gifford

If it weren`t for the original Carmen Sandiego games, nobody would know what Nepal`s flag looks like. If it weren`t for the `90s PBS game show, nobody would know what a cappella sounds like. If this game didn`t exist, on the other hand, then the Xbox would simply have one less cookie-cutter platformer.

It`s not that Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums is a failure'€”it just aims low in the first place. The original`s educational trappings are mostly gone, replaced by a kid who looks like he`s from Captain Planet smashing small crates, hopping onto larger crates, and bopping fearsome monsters with a standard-issue platform-hero stick. A bit of stealth action is involved at times, but otherwise it`s jump, bash, and collect random floaty things until the credits run.

The game is remarkable, really, in its harmlessness. Nothing`s been show-stoppingly bungled in the execution, save for a camera that gets stuck behind walls and bothers you endlessly. The challenge isn`t even particularly frustrating'€”even if you die, the only penalty is being placed a few yards away from your point of death.

Still, consider for a moment: This last Christmas brought a torrent of original platformers'€”Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and even Whiplash'€”to Xbox. Before you even consider Drums, ask yourself this: Have you really run out of better titles to play? And if so, shouldn`t you be going out more anyway?

Copyright 2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in Xbox Nation.

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