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How guitar works

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Barre Chord Basics

Learn all about barre chords and how they are played with this video tutorial. What exactly are barre chords and what makes them so interesting? They are simplistic chords that can be shifted anywhere up and down the neck while retaining the same shape. This allows you to hold the same shape with your hand while moving up and down the neck to play different chords. No need to change finger positions!


Keep practicing and don’t forget to leave a comment by clicking on the comment link or entering them in the form below!

Play piano online with this virtual piano keyboard!

Take a break, have some fun with an online piano game!

Fiddle around with this virtual piano keyboard, and discover the relationship with pitch and keys on the piano.

See how the notes go higher when you play to the right- up- on the piano and vice versa.

Of course the best is to play on your real piano, but on this piano game you can see the relationship between both notes and keys!

If you press the “Loop” button and then “Play”, you can hear your masterpiece (!) play over and over!

You can change the rhythm slightly by adding quarter rests as well.

Have fun!

Careers in music A practical guide for parents

Music is such a broad field – there is the music industry and music itself. So there are lots and lots of choices for a career within music. It’s not just about being a pop star – we have music lawyers, admin support staff, sound engineering. It is a valid choice to make as a career.
Jacqui McDonnell, Life Coach

If your child is mad about music they may be thinking about further study or even a career in music. At this point many parents ask: is there really a future in music?

Today music is a major industry with a wide range of opportunities, employing an estimated 130,000 full-time in the UK alone. Your child may want to study music for the love of it, or to pursue a career as a singer, instrumentalist, or composer, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Whatever the level of skills your child has achieved, there are career paths open, whether they decide to leave school at sixteen or go on to university. Whatever their interest there are jobs in teaching or music therapy, production, promotion, management, as well as performance.


You don’t need to be musical to help your child develop their musical abilities. But it can help if you understand a few basic musical terms. Music Essentials is designed to help you with any new words you may encounter in Parents Music Room. It is a guide to commonly-used words, explained in simple language.

If your child is learning music in school, or wants to sing or play an instrument, this will help you support them. Just click on the tabs above or links below.

However this is not a substitute for a comprehensive guide to music terminology, a course in music theory, or good teacher.
A – E
F – J
K – P
Q – S
T – Z
Music Sense
Our interactive activity Music Sense brings basic concepts to life with sound and visual imagery in an interactive glossary.

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
A wide range of useful publications and ideas on music theory and practice from the examination board, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. It includes the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music, and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

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music quizz

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