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Osamu Kitajima introduces his band members 1991

Osamu Kitajima introduces his band members 1991

Piano Talent

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Игра на ударных установках

Видео от московского музыканта и преподавателя Александра Федотова. Видео представляет собой домашнюю съемку, надо заметить весьма прилично отмастеренную. Александр расскажет о своей установке, основных принципах игры и о своем понимании партий ударных инструментов. Естественно, много внимания уделено технической стороне вопроса: звукоизвлечение, техника игры рук, техника игры ног. Естественно, материал подкрепляется упражнениями для проработки.

Barre Chord Basics

Learn all about barre chords and how they are played with this video tutorial. What exactly are barre chords and what makes them so interesting? They are simplistic chords that can be shifted anywhere up and down the neck while retaining the same shape. This allows you to hold the same shape with your hand while moving up and down the neck to play different chords. No need to change finger positions!


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Quickly Tackle Major Chords on the Piano – Video Tutorial

Here’s a great and very effective video that I found for learning to quickly play Major chords on the Piano! This is great for beginners to both visualize and hear how different tones make up a chord on the piano. Remember, he is counting up the scale as he moves up the keys on the piano (C, D, E, F and so forth).

Once you memorize the locations of notes, and formations of chords, you’ll find that piano is very simple. After all, music notation was devised based on the piano! For diagrams of each of the chords he is using in this tutorial, check out our book selections!

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Play piano online with this virtual piano keyboard!

Take a break, have some fun with an online piano game!

Fiddle around with this virtual piano keyboard, and discover the relationship with pitch and keys on the piano.

See how the notes go higher when you play to the right- up- on the piano and vice versa.

Of course the best is to play on your real piano, but on this piano game you can see the relationship between both notes and keys!

If you press the “Loop” button and then “Play”, you can hear your masterpiece (!) play over and over!

You can change the rhythm slightly by adding quarter rests as well.

Have fun!

Kokin Gumi – Zen (Hallmark)

Kokin Gumi – Zen (Hallmark)

Sviatoslav Richter – Chopin Etude Op. 25 No.11 – Winter Wind

Sviatoslav Richter – Chopin Etude Op. 25 No.11 – Winter Wind

music generator

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Masakazu Yoshizawa (shinobue)

Masakazu Yoshizawa (shinobue), Greg Nakamura (euphonium), and Hitoshi Hamada (vibraphone) of the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble practice ‘Sunflower’