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Parents are often amazed when they see advertisements for music lessons for babies! They have visions of babies who can barely sit up taking a traditional piano lesson, which of course makes little sense. That is not what really happens, and in this article, I will try to clarify the process of learning music that occurs in babies. In the womb, hearing is one of the first senses to come online, and therefore sounds such as the mother's heartbeat and speech form the first concepts of the child's experience of its environment. These sounds are not only heard but remembered as well. It is a well-known fact that playing a recording of a heartbeat in a nursery will help calm restless babies because it is a very familiar sound to them.

In school, music offers a chance to be part of a group that is working to accomplish something to the best of its ability. It is very much like a sports team except that everyone who wants to play gets to be on the team. Students in musical groups such as choir, band and orchestra generally have good grades and developed social skills, as well as a large network of close friends as they progress to middle school, high school and beyond.


Kids online music games

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