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Types of music notes:

The most important parts of music is learning the types and values of music notes. You will gain some understanding of how the music notes look and sound. The icon means you can listen music to it. All of the music samples are recorded at the same speed and are just 1 measure.

The whole music note:

an egg on its side, either with a line through it or not.

The half music note:

the same as a whole not but with a vertical line attached to it.

The quarter music note:

the same as a half note except the circle is filled in.

The eighth music note:

the same as quarter notes but with a curly off the line. They can also be put in groups of 4, 3, or 2.

The sixteenth music note:

the same as an eighth note but has double cur lies. Can also be grouped in 4, 3 or 2 but are joined by a double line.

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