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Question: What is a distance in pitch between any two tones?
Answer: The distance in pitch between two tones is known as an Interval.


Tones & Semitones

An interval is the distance (difference in pitch) between two notes. When the notes occur one after another the interval is melodic.

When the notes occur simultaneously the interval is harmonic.

The smallest interval in use in the Western musical tradition is the semitone (also called half step). It is the interval between any note and its nearest neighbour on the keyboard. Two semitones together form one tone (or whole tone or whole step).


From C to C# (or Db) is a semitone. From C# to D is also a semitone.

Therefore from C to D is 2 semitones or 1 whole tone.


The Chromatic scale

There are a total of twelve notes within an octave, represented by the 12 keys on the keyboard.
All notes are spaced at semitone intervals. There are therefore 12 semitone within an octave.


When all 12 notes are played one after the other they form the Chromatic scale ('chromatic' means 'colour').

The Chromatic scale contains all the notes of the Western music system. These twelve notes are repeated within successive octaves up and down the keyboard.

The chromatic scale is a symmetric scale because all the notes in the scale are spaced at equal (semitone) intervals.

Going up, the black notes on the keyboard are usually written as sharps.

C - C# - D - D# - E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B - C

Going down, the black notes are written as flats.

C - B - Bb - A - Ab - G - Gb - F - E - Eb - D - Db - C

This keeps the accidentals required (flats, sharps, naturals) to a minimum.

Ten of the semitone intervals within the octave are between a white note and a black note on the keyboard.
But two of the semitones are from one white note to another white note. They are the intervals from E to F, and from B to C.

The Whole-tone scale

All the notes of the chromatic scale are spaced at equal ('symmetrical') , semitone, intervals. This scale is therefore a called a symmetric scale

One can also form a symmetric scale by selecting notes spaced at whole tone (2 semitones) intervals.
This scale consists of six notes only and is called the Whole-tone scale.

Here the C whole-tone scale.


Any of the above notes can form the tonic of the whole-tone scale using the same six notes.


Scale Notes
C whole-tone scale C D E F# G# A# C
D whole-tone scale D E F# G# A# C D
E whole-tone scale E F# G# A# C D E
F# whole-tone scale F# G# A# C D E F#
G# whole-tone scale G# A# C D E F# G#
A# whole-tone scale A# C D E F# G# A#



8-note Symmetric scales

Other symmetric scales can be formed by alternating note spacing of tones and semitones.

There are two possibilities.

8-note Dominant scale (semitone - tone - semitone - tone -)
This scale starts with a semitone between the tonic and 2nd note, then a tone between the 2nd and 3rd notes, again a semitone between the 3rd and 4th note, and so on.


In Jazz this scale is used as an alternative choice for improvisation over dominant 7th and altered dominant 7th chords.

8-note Diminished scale (tone - semitone - tone - semitone - )
This scale starts with a tone between the tonic and 2nd note, then a semitone between the 2nd and 3rd notes, again a tone between the 3rd and 4th note, and so on.


In Jazz this scale is used for improvisation over diminished chords.


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