What is wrong in this guitar game?

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What is wrong in this guitar game?

Postby admin » Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:55 pm

What is wrong in this guitar game http://flashmusicgames.com/guitar_chords_basic.html ? I can't play guitar, so I need an advice

The worst activity I have found was to do with learning basic guitar chords (although they called it a game) http://flashmusicgames.com/guitar_chords_basic.html It is interesting that this is found on the same site as a good game illustrating how much variation there is in quality on the web. In this activity, lines make up a grid which doesn’t look like a guitar fingerboard. This is really confusing as lines are normally used as strings in chord diagrams (see my section on 100 common chords). It must be assumed that whoever made this doesn't play guitar. Using this activity would actually be detrimental to learning as conventions are ignored and replaced with poorly designed graphics. Some of the chords are also wrong.

You can't read rhythm on a guitar tab and you can't read the exact length of a note. Tablature can give you a slight indication though on how long a note is by leaving more or less space between the numbers.
It might seem silly to devote an entire page to going over one chord we've already learned, but, believe me, you will appreciate it in coming weeks. The F major chord is the most difficult we've learned thus far, but it uses a technique that we will use constantly in future lessons. That technique is using one finger in your fretting hand to hold down more than one note at a time.
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