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Consumer Guide: Used CD`s Online

Find previously owned compact disks and music online and save some money. The album you never thought you would find is on the internet with used vendors.

Has the ever rising cost of recorded music kept your music collection from growing as rapidly as you would like? Have you had to pass on purchasing CDs simply because they are too expensive? If so, you may want to consider some alternative ways of obtaining recorded music. Here are just a few to consider:

*Used CDs - Before impulsively stopping into your local music store and paying full price for a CD, consider trying to locate a used version of the same CD. Oftentimes, you may even save up to half the price of the CD. There are a number of used CD sites on the web that allow you to search by artist, album title, and/or musical genre. There are also a number of used CD stores with physical locations that offer wide musical selections. Most of the used CD stores and websites will not accept damaged CDs, so you are assured of getting a quality product. Check the individual store policies for money back guarantees concerning faulty products. The above information also relates to tapes and records.

*Trade-Ins - If you have CDs sitting around your house that you no longer listen to or that you think you will not listen to in the future, consider trading them in for CDs that you do want. Many of the used CD stores and websites described above will allow you to trade in your used CDs for used CDs they have in stock. In order for the company to make a profit, they might trade two or three of their CDs for one of yours, for example. While this may not sound like a good deal for you, consider how your old music was just wasting space and how you will enjoy the new music. Alternatively, many of these used CD stores and websites will just buy your CDs from you and resell them.

*Online Auctions - You may be surprised at how many of the CDs you want are offered at online auctions. With the growing number of auction sites, you are apt to find something you are interested in. CDs offered through online auctions may belong to individuals or music dealers. Regardless, it is very possible to find CDs at final prices lower than what you may pay otherwise. Both new and used CDs are available through online auctions. Each individual description of the CDs should verify whether the CD is new or used. If it is used, the site should describe the condition of the disc and the case.

*Legal MP3s - If you have the proper computer equipment to download and listen to online music, consider searching for MP3s online. MP3s are downloadable computer files that you can save on your system and/or burn on a CD to listen to again and again. You may not find MP3s by big-name popular artists for free, but this method can be a great way of finding out about new artists. Many emerging bands and artists will offer MP3 versions of their music for free to promote themselves and to get their music heard by large audiences. Everyone has to start out somewhere, and the new artists of today may be the big stars of tomorrow.

These are just a few ideas on how to quench your thirst for recorded music without breaking your bank. These alternative music buying methods may be a little more time consuming than just running into your local music store and picking up a CD, but if you want to save money, you may be very glad you took a few extra minutes to find the best deal.

Written by Gem-Ann Reagan -

Paul, george, john, and ringo: the beatles

Paul, George, John and Ringo made up the popular band known as The Beatles. Find out about their personal lives as well as who was the originator of the group by reading this informative article.

Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England on Jnauary 10, 1945 to Jim and Mary McCartney. When Paul was fourteen years old, his mother died, and he asked his father to buy him a guitar. Paul was influenced heavily by skiffle music, as well as the American rock and rollers named Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Paul later joined a skiffle band called the Quarry Men, which was started by his friend John Lennon. The Quarry Men eventually evolved into the popular group known asThe Beatles.

A note about Skiffle Music: An entertainer named Lonnie Donegan started the Skiffle Movement while he was still playing in a band. Donegan provided entertainment during the intermissions by playing a washboard and a bass guitar on stage. His type of music became known as Skiffle Music. Some of his songs included Cumberland Gap and Gambling Man.

After having a successful career with The Beatles, Paul McCartney married a photographer named Linda Eastman in 1969, and he left the group the following year. In their personal life, The McCartneys raised four children named James, Mary, Stella, and Heather. In their professional life together, Paul and Linda enlisted two other musicians, and they formed the band called Wings. Paul`s life "after The Beatles" was known for such hits as "Ebony and Ivory", a hit he sang with Stevie Wonder, and "The Girl Is Mine", another smash hit he recorded with Michael Jackson.

Paul and Linda McCartney were said to have been deeply devoted to one another, and, after almost three decades of marriage, Linda passed away in 1998, at the age of fifty-six, after losing her

battle with breast cancer.

George Harrison was born on February 25, 1943. His father was a bus driver, and his mother was a housewife. He had two brothers and a sister. George let his hair grow long at an early age as a sign of his independence. George was influenced by Skiffle Music too, and he and his brother Peter formed their own Skiffle band.

George knew Paul McCartney from school, and the pair soon found that they shared a love of music and guitars. Paul introduced George to the Quarry Men, but he was too young to join the band. But, George hung out with the group, and he eventually became a member when the group evolved into The Beatles. While the group was filming "A Hard Day`s Night," George met a model by the name of Patty Boyd, and they married in 1966.

John Lennon was born in Liverpool, England to Julia and Freddie Lennon. John`s father worked on a ship and was gone for long spells, so John was raised by his mother and an aunt. His mother taught John how to play the banjo, and he went on to learn the guitar too. John was also influenced the Skiffle Music, and he started several Skiffle groups. Finally, in 1960, he ended up in a group with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best, and they were called The Beatles. The group auditioned in 1962 for Decca Records, but were turned down. The Beatles tried again at EMI Records where they were signed on by George Martin. Martin had one stipulation, though, and that was that Pete Best be replaced with a young drummer named Ringo Starr. During this time in John`s personal life, his girlfriend Cynthia Powell became pregnant, so they married in 1963. Cynthia had a son whom they named Julian.

Professionally, for John and the others, The Beatles biggest break came when they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. They went on to record a string of hits, and eventually became one of the most popular music groups ever known. In 1966, The Beatles quit touring, but they still wrote and recorded many more songs.

In 1968, John`s personal life took a turn when he and Cynthia divorced. John and performer Yoko Ono married the next year. In 1975, Sean Taro Ono Lennon, the only child they would have together, was born to John and Yoko. By this time, The Beatles had disbanded, and John and Yoko were busy collaborating on their own music. Unfortunately, John`s musical career ended when he was murdered in 1980.

Richard Starkey was born in Liverpool, England on July 7, 1940. His parents divorced when he was just three years old, and he was raised up by his mother Elsie and stepfather Harry Graves. Richard was influenced by the popular Skiffle Music, and he started his own group before he finally joined The Raving Texans. Be he loved to wear fancy rings, Richard got the nickname "Ringo." The last name "Starr" was added so his drum solos could be billed as "Starr Time."

Ringo joined The Beatles in 1962, and his popularity soared along with the rest of the band`s members. Ringo married Maureen Cox in 1965, and they had three children named Zak, Jason, and Lee.

The Beatles, who were affectionately known by their millions of fans as the "Fab Four," recorded many hits including, "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "Can`t Buy Me Love", "A Hard Day`s Night", "Help!", "Yesterday", "Yellow Submarine", "Penny Lane", "All You Need Is Love", "Let It Be", "The Long and Winding Road", and "Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely

Hearts Club Band", just to name a few.

Even today, The Beatles` songs can still be heard on the radio and bought on tapes and compact discs.

Written by K Sprang -

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