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Facing Extinction, Orissa's Tribal Dulduli Music Seeks Revival

Dulduli, the traditional music of a tribal community here, was once very popular and part of every celebration. But today, this form of music is facing extinction.

To revive this music a three-day music competition was recently organized in Sohela area of Bargarh District.

Various music lovers and amateur singers took part in the music competition to showcase their talent.

"Dulduli is the music of our Goddess. Earlier, we used to earn our livelihood from this music but now our condition is very bad. We are not getting any support. Many of the artistes have left this profession. We believe that this competition will definitely revive our old traditional music," said Dharma Kumar, an artiste.

Popular among the tribal instrument used in Dulduli are the Dhol, Tasa, Mardal, etc which have now suffered a jolt in the wake of modern music's rapidly growing popularity.

Earlier, there were more than 15,000 Dulduli played in the entire area. Due to lack of support from the government and other developments, many Dulduli artistes became jobless and gradually left the profession now only few are left.

"Once Dulduli music starts, people cannot stop their feet from dancing. This is an old traditional music, which is vanishing day-by-day. To recall the originality of the music and prevent it from extinction, we organized this competition," said Sushant Mishra, Convenor, Dulduli Music competition.

"In olden times we celebrated Dulduli as a festival but now it is used as a competition. The old traditional music has vanished for lack of support and to revive the old tradition this completion is organized," said Trinath, another artiste.

Although, it is played for any kind of celebration but this Dulduli music is specially played at the time of Dusshera. It is believed that playing Dulduli while performing Puja pleases the Goddess. (ANI)

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