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Music Guide: How to care for a guitar

How to care for and maintain a guitar to make it last long and look nice for many years. Tips for finding the best instrument, cleaning and storage.

Why care for your guitar?

Your instrument will look, feel, play and sound better longer with the proper care.

Once you realize what an improvement even an occasional set of new strings, a thorough cleaning and a polishing can make you will certainly be eager to keep up with these few, simple, habitual chores.

A guitar can be an investment that will grow in value.

A good sounding guitar now could be a great sounding guitar 15 years from now with proper care. A guitar s sound is produced by the resonance of the wood. As the wood ages the quality of this resonance should improve, increasing the guitar s value. If in addition to this the make, model or particular styling of your guitar go out of production and become rare, your instrument could be worth many times your original purchase price in anywhere from 10-50 years. The closer to mint condition it is then, the happier you will certainly be and you will owe yourself all the credit.

How to care for your guitar.

How to store your guitar when not in use.

You should keep your guitar hanging on a proper rack or in its case. The strings should be loosened so as not to bow the guitar neck or wear the strings too soon. It should be kept in a dry place at room temperature not near any heating or cooling vents. It should not be exposed to direct light for long periods.

How to properly clean your guitar.

To clean your guitar correctly this should be done when you are replacing all of the guitar strings. With the strings off and out of the way you can polish the entire guitar thoroughly. Use polish made for guitars specifically and follow the instructions exactly. If there is a polish or cleaning method recommended by your manufacturer, use this. In the absence of this, very small amounts of Murphy s Oil Soap and water can be used with a non-abrasive cloth to clean your axe or guitar.

To polish it you can get away with a good, old fashioned, non-aerosol furniture polish. Use it sparingly with a different cloth than used to clean your instrument with. Don t use enough to create residue. This last rule should be followed as well with the cleaning.

How to play and handle your guitar safely.

Don t ever play or handle your instrument wearing jewelry, belt buckles or jeans or other clothes with metal parts that could scratch or mar the finish. Don t ever play or handle the guitar near objects or furniture that could disfigure its surface. Don t ever loan out your instrument without realizing that like your car, you wouldn t really have any guarantees what condition it would come back in, if it came back at all. Again, the pricier the piece the more you ll want to consider these precautions.

How to insure your guitar.

Guitars can be covered by homeowners insurance for a rider of a few dollars a month. The more costly the guitar the more you should consider this investment.

Written by David Geer -

A nightlife guide for birmingham

A Birmingham Nightlife Guide includes pubs, clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues.

A Birmingham Nightlife Guide includes pubs, clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues. Among the most popular of these are Brindleyplace, The Arcadian Centre, The Mailbox, Star City and Broad Street. Other establishments include O Neills, It s a Scream, Wetherspoons, Firkin, Sports Caf?? and the Australian Bar. Birmingham is also home to the Birmingham Symphony Hall and the NEC Arena. For the visitor interested in music, Birmingham can offer a wide range, varying from rock and pop to classical and world music. Restaurants in Birmingham number over 500 and offer cuisine from around the globe in establishments from cafes to elegant restaurants and everything in-between.

With all the nightlife entertainment offered here, a visitor can find many things to keep them busy.

Birmingham can be divided into several regions: The airport region, Bessemer, Downtown and Five Points South, Fairfield, Homewood, Hoover and Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Iverness, and Shelby County. The airport region of Birmingham offers 60 s, 70 s and 80 s music in the Holiday Inn Airport Lounge. While the Bessemer area offers rock music in the Crazy Eights Lounge. Downtown and Five Points South offers Banana Joe s, Bottega Caf??, Casey s, Club Red, Highland Bar and Grill, High Note / Rock n Horse, Lou s Pub, Southside Pub, Tiki Bob s, The U First and 23rd, WorkPlay. Fairfield offers Jazz at Zamir s Christian Jazz Light Club. Homewood offers its visitors The Metro Grill, Oak Hill Bar and Grill, acoustic music at O Henry s, dance music at Jitterbugg s, rock music at Corey s, Florida Grille, Lucky s, Slacker 66 and The Upper Deck. Hoover & Vestavia offers Classic Rock at the House of Brews, comedy at The Comedy Club Stardome and other types of music at Smokey Joe s Caf? ?. Mountain Brook and Iverness offers Hogan s Irish Pub and Grill with jazz, blues or rock, Otey s Tavern with rock, blues or folk, jazz music at Arman s at Park Lane and Mountain Brook Inn. Shelby County offers rock music at Papa Saia s, Spanky s, Local Star Caf??, Caf?? Firenze, Inverness, Chase Pub and Grille.

Birmingham can also offer specific types of music, such as acoustic, alternative, blues, dance, disco, jazz, rock and alternative rock as well as other types. Acoustic Guitar music can be found at Cellar Beer Garden, Garage Caf??. Alternative music can be found at The Quest. Blues music can be found at Cosmos Pizza. Dance music can be found at Club Chaos, Club Abrakadabra, Five Points South Dance Club and SOHO. Disco music can be found at Bell Bottoms. Jazz can be found at Blue Monkey, Dave s Pub, Hot & Hot Fish Club, Leonard s Page One, Ona s Music Room, 22nd Street Jazz Caf??, Platinum.

Rock and Alternative Rock music can be found at The High Note/ Rock N Horse, The Nick. Other types of music can be found at The Barking Kudu, The Burly Earl, Innisfree Pub, Marty s, The Mill, The Oasis, Red Horse Tavern and Zydeco.

Birmingham, with so much to offer for someone looking for an interesting nightlife, has a lot to offer. The hardest part of visiting here will be deciding which establishment to visit first.

Written by Deborah Anderson -

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