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How to make a music box

Learn how to make a music box using either a mechanical or an electronic movement!

The term "music box" is actually a misnomer nowadays, as not all music boes are actually square or rectangular in shape. But whatever shape you choose to make it, you can build your own by following some basic steps.

An original version of a music box wa sometimes made using a cardboard or wooden box with a hinged lid.When the movement was wound up, and the lid was opened, a musical piece would play, while a ballerina doll would twirl around. Music boxes now come in all shapes and sizes, while the music does not always originate from a mechanical movement. Along with the the advent of technology came the electronic computer chip attached to a tiny circuit board which was powered by a small wrist-watch type battery. They are normally activated by exposure to light.

THese circuit boards helped to change the shapes of the music box as we knew it. They drastically changed the greeting card industry, also. Who hasn`t received a large, thick greeting card, that, when opened, emitted noises, or sounds,or a song which fit the occasion?

In order to build your music box, you must first choose the "box" or casing that you will use. You can purchase a box designed specifically for this purpose, or use a box you already have. If you choose to use your own casing, you can modify it, if need be, to suit your purpose.

Next, you will need to decide what music you want your music box to play. You will also need to decide whether you wish to use a mechanical mechanism or an electronic circuit board. A mechanical mechanism is best suited for a box or other container. The electronic circuit boards are best used where a small, flatter musical device is needed.

Let`s say, for example, that you have a small ceramic box or container that has an attahced, hinged lid. You can turn this container into a music box by installing either a mechanical or electronic music-emitting device. If you choose to go the mechanical route, you need to find a small enough movement which will fit into the box`s space while allowing it enough space to operate properly. Then, all you basically need todo is to drill a small hole in the back of the container. Make sure the hole is large enough for the wind-up shaft to fit through and operate correctly. Then, install the movement according to the manufacturer`s instructions. You may then cover the movement with an ornamental piece of material so that it is not visible. Or, you may choose to cover the movement with a piece oof clear plastic if you want the movement to be seen.

Your second route is to use an electronic-type device. This type can be used in almost any kind of box. Then, when the box is opened, and the device senses light, it will play music. You can even attach this type of music-playing device to the bottom of a coffee cup to create a sort of music box.

As you can see, you can create a music box our of almost any type of container. Keep in mind that music boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Let your imagination run wild and your possibilities are endless!

Aerosmith history

Aerosmith`s history is rich and full of adventure. Learn about how they became the music legends they are today.

Aerosmith, one of the most original hard rock bands of the century has officially become a rock legend in their own right. On March 19, 2001, Aerosmith was inducted into the `Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame` for their contribution to hard rock music. Their musical achievements are nothing less than impressive with 4 Grammy Awards, 9 MTV Music Awards, 2 American Music Awards, 13 multi-platinum albums, 5 platinum albums, and 4 gold albums. The band`s success has insured that Aerosmith will be a band the world will never forget.

Aerosmith was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1970. The original band members were Steven Tallarico (drummer and lead vocals), Joe Perry (lead guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), and Ray Tabano (guitar). Steven Tallarico later changed his last name to Tyler because it was easier to pronounce. A year after the band formed Ray Tabano left Aerosmith and was replaced by Brad Whitford. Also, the band took on Joey Kramer to play drums so that Tyler could focus on the his role as lead singer/front man. The band`s first big break came in 1972 when they signed a record deal with Columbia Records for $125,000. The contract offer was the result of Clive Davis catching one of their extraordinary shows.

In February of 1973, the band released its debut LP, Aerosmith. The LP sold over 2 million copies in the U.S. and later went platinum twice as the result of later LP`s success. "Dream On" the first single for the Aerosmith LP did not do so well. However, it was re-released in 1976 and became the first Top 10 hit for the group. Next, Get Your Wings was released in the summer of 1974. Wings stayed on the charts for a year and a half and since its release it has gone platinum three times.

Aerosmith knew they had hit the big time as they headlined with bands such as Kiss and ZZ Top. In the early spring of 1975, Toys in the Attic was released. "Sweet Emotion," became the band`s first Top 40 hit. Aerosmith release "Walk This Way" as a single and its remake later was greatly received by the 80`s pop culture music audience. Success was sweet for Aerosmith and became even sweeter when the boys were asked to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1976.

In the years that followed Aerosmith released one hit album after another such as Rocks (1976) platinum four times, Draw The Line (1977) platinum twice, Live Bootleg (1978) platinum, Night In The Ruts (1979) platinum, and Aerosmith`s Greatest Hits (1980) platinum ten times. After the release of Night In the Ruts, Joe Perry, the band`s lead guitar player, decided to move on with his musical career and he began to pursue his own solo career by recording `The Joe Perry Project`. A contributor to Perry`s decision was the fact that the band`s personal relationships were being torn apart by substance music games toolking , which in turn affected the band`s music. Eleven months later Brad Whitford, back up guitarist, left the band even though their greatest hits LP was a complete success selling over 9 million copies in the U. S. alone.

The band`s issues with substance music games toolking and the fact that they were no longer creating platinum records caused Columbia Records support to fade. Substance music games toolking had a tight grip over the group and soon their troubles went public. In 1983 during the era of "Just Say No To Drugs," Tyler was arrested for possession of cocaine and narcotics paraphernalia. Tyler was facing, not only a fine, but possible jail time too. Eventually, the charges were dropped because Tyler pleaded guilty. He was placed on three years probation and fined $5,000 which, to a huge superstar like Tyler, was not much more than a slap on the wrist.

Much to the band`s benefit, in 1984, Perry and Whitford re-joined Aerosmith and they set out on a reunion tour called "Bank In The Saddle" tour. However, substance music games toolking apparently had not loosened its grip on lead vocalist Tyler since he collapsed on stage one night during the tour. Soon after the tour, Geffen Records picked the band up and signed them to a contract. They released Done With Mirrors in 1985 under their new label. However, Mirrors would never reach the platinum status of their other LPs. During the record`s release, Tyler and Perry agreed to get help for they drug addictions and began substance music games toolking programs.

Run-D. M. C., famous for their rapping and B-boxing style in the 80`s, decided to remake Aerosmith`s single, "Walk This Way." Tyler and Perry made cameo appearances in the music video. As a result of this video, the band received the exposure they needed to make an amazing comeback. Aerosmith releases two live LPs, Classics Live and Classics Live 2, featuring live performances of concerts between 77 and 86. Classics Live would eventually go platinum over the years and Classics Live 2 would only remain gold.

Soon Aerosmith was back on the charts with the release of their five time platinum album, Permanent Vacation. Power house hard rock songs like "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)," "Ragdoll," and heartfelt ballads like "Angel," would soon return the band to their status as platinum LP producers. All of 1988 was a big year for Aerosmith as they release the hit compilation Gem and watched the success of Vacation sky rocket. MTV began to stand up and recognize them for their talented videos and stage performances. In September 1988, Aerosmith was nominated for MTV`s Best Group Video and also Best Stage Performance in a Video for "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)." Aerosmith was giving the world what they were asking for in hard rock music and declaring that there was more where that came from.

Due to the success of Permanent Vacation, the fans were on pins and needles waiting for the groups next album to be released. The late 80`s audience was sick of the feel good techno dance sound and desired music that was either rebellious and fun or told stories of their lives. Audiences wanted hard rock songs that they could either head bang to (a form of keeping time with the music or ballads that expressed every raw emotion they had inside). Aerosmith did just that with "Love In An Elevator," "Janie`s Got A Gun," "The Other Side," and "What It Takes." All of these songs became smash hits for their 1989 release of Pump and the group was back in the Top 10 once again. Another of the contributing factors in these songs success was the insight on the band`s part to take advantage of the popularity of music videos. In doing so, they created outstanding music video`s for each single and their audience ate it up.

Pump went on to platinum success, seven times over. Aerosmith received 2 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Metal/Hard Rock Video and the Viewer`s Choice Award for "Janie`s Got A Gun."

Aerosmith finally felt accepted by their fans, however, how did the music industry perceive their comeback success? On February 1991, Aerosmith received their first Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. It was a major triumph for the group to know that not only the world had accepted them but also that their fellow colleagues accepted them as a legitimate music group that was dedicated to their profession. This achievement gave the band the inspiration to continue writing, recording, and releasing more successful albums.

While touring for Pump, Aerosmith signed a lucrative contract with Sony Records. However, they still owed 2 more LPs to Geffen Records, so Aerosmith later released Get A Grip and Big Ones. Later that year while on tour for their Pump LP, the band released a collection of their past hits in a box set entitled Pandora`s Box that went platinum.

In order to fulfill their contractual commitment to Geffen Records the group released the first of two owed LPs titled Get A Grip. The album caused quiet a stir with its astonishing cover of a cow with one of its teats pierced. Although, the cover was a bit controversial, it became a huge success. Songs like "Livin` On The Edge," "Cryin`," "Crazy," and "Amazing" really showed America just what the band was made of and also earned the bad boys of Boston another Grammy.

The last LP for Geffen Records was recorded and released in 1994, Big Ones, also a greatest hit`s compilation. Award after award poured in and Aerosmith was the band they always dreamed they would be. However, inevitable change was in the air for the band as conflicts with their manager cause the two to part ways. However that didn`t stop the release of Nine Lives (1997) which earned the band 2 more Grammy Awards, one for the album and the other for the single "Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)". Once again, Aerosmith was on top of the world with or without a manager.

Throughout the band`s success they still had yet to record their all time biggest selling single. In 1998, the boys recorded "I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing," a song written by Diane Warren. This single was added to the Armageddon soundtrack (a movie Tyler`s daughter, Liv stared in) which went number one. Because of that single, the soundtrack has gone platinum four times, and is still going.

Again, Aerosmith released a live LP, A Little South of Sanity. However, the tour was cut short due to a knee injury Tyler (now 50 years old) sustained in1998 during a performance. Tyler had to have surgery on his injury and go through physical therapy. However, he was eager to return to the music life he so loved and would not let an injury stop him. After months of rehabilitation, Tyler was back doing the one thing he knew best how to do, being the lead singer/front man for Aerosmith.

Most recently Aerosmith has released Just Push Play with Columbia Records once again backing them. The first single they released was titled "Jaded". This song quickly climbed up the charts added another notch to their collection of hits.

Aerosmith was, is, and will be one of the most remembered and accomplished hard rock bands of their time. They continue giving the world music that they love and they in turn reward them publicly for it. It takes a lot of work, dedication, and desire to keep a band going for three decades and remain outrageously successful at it. Aerosmith has given us songs to make us laugh at the world, let us cry when we are hurting, allows us to hope when all is hopeless, causes awareness of politics and families, and shows us that when we pop in one of their cd`s they will entertain us beyond our wildest imaginations.

So yes! Aerosmith has rightfully earned their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their legacy will shape the face of tomorrow`s music in ways only rock legends can.

Written by Sheli Casteel -

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