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Publisher: Sound Labs
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
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Software Description:

Two of the most common questions about MIDI conversion are "How can I convert MIDI to MP3?" and "Can I make a music CD from MIDI files?"

Both are possible, but the MIDI files must first be converted to WAV files. The resulting WAV files can then be burned to an audio CD using any CD recording program, or converted to MP3 files. Remember that WAV files are quite large, so after you have burned your CD or made your MP3 files, delete the WAV files to save space on your hard drive.

Midi2Wav Recorder (ver 3.61) is a program that converts MIDI to WAV files and MIDI to MP3. The conversion is as easy as one touch of a button.

Using it you can:

  • Convert MIDI files to Wav and MP3 files
  • Change the Tempo Ratio, which determines the tempo by multiplying it by a specified rate (per cent)
  • Record to Wave your singing into microphone with MIDI playback accompaniment
  • Control the record level, register clipping and, accordingly, control the recording quality
  • Open and play Wav and MIDI files
  • View the set of instruments in the MIDI song, their volume and pan, and change all these attributes
  • Convert a number of MIDI files using the batch converting feature

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