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How To Teach Piano Successfully

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How to Teach Piano Successfully

If you want to teach piano successfully you have to define the term "success". Teaching piano successfully is more than helping your student master ear training, or how to play duets. If you want to teach piano successfully you have to approach your business like a business person and not like a music lover who also happens to be tutoring the next Fr??d??ric Chopin. But therein lies the first problem.

You could spend your lifetime searching the curriculum at business schools and never find a course entitled "How to Teach Piano Successfully." They just don`t take the industry that seriously in college.

But you should take it seriously unless the reason you became a piano instructor was that you had a songful spirit and a spare Steinway taking up space in your living room. If that`s not the case, then you probably depend upon the income that you earn from teaching piano students how to tickle the ivory. And if you`re like most every piano instructor I know, that income is substantially less that it could be.

It doesn`t matter if you teach piano lessons part-time or full; there are proven business methods that can substantially increase your income without dramatically increasing the number of Billy Joel or Elton John or Stevie Wonder "wannabees" hitting the music books under your able direction.

The secret to how to teach piano successfully is the secret of how to increase your per-hour wage, attract more and better students who can afford to pay your new rates, and how to successfully market your service proactively.

And take my word for it; if you start marketing your service proactively, your business will practically explode overnight because you`ll probably be the only piano teacher in your market who is doing so!

While what I am proposing is simple Business 101 for most other business operators, the concept of marketing and planning to teach piano successfully still hasn`t caught on.

If placing an ad in the telephone book, and pining your business card on the cork board in the local grocery store is the extent of your advertising, you`re working much too hard for what you do earn. And, you`re leaving far too much potential profit on the table.

It`s time to start running your business like a business and it`s time to start maximizing your profit from every pupil who sits down at your ba

Perhaps it`s time for you to take your piano teaching business to the next level and stop playing it

Doctors fear mute `Piano Man` will never be identified

Independent, The (London) , Aug 8, 2005 by Cahal Milmo

The story of the man found wandering near a remote beach in Kent with the labels cut off his dripping wet evening suit excited imaginations the world over. From Stockholm to Vancouver, calls flooded in suggesting names for the silent enigma that was Piano Man.

Now, four months later, the mute blond virtuoso remains in a psychiatric hospital in Dartford. His carers said yesterday that they believe that he may never be identified.

He was taken to the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham on 7 April and when staff gave him a pen and paper, he drew detailed pictures of a grand piano. When he was shown a piano in the hospital chapel, he played classical music `beautifully` for four hours.

Staff at the West Kent NHS Trust are still sifting through a list of more than 200 names provided during a welter of publicity about the case when it first became public in May.

Camera crews from Germany to Japan descended on bemused citizens of the Isle of Sheppey, where Piano Man was found, as news of the talented musician in a wet suit spread around the globe. But despite a number of promising leads, ranging from suggestions that Piano Man was a French street musician to a Czech concert pianist, nothing has come to light which has given the patient a nationality, let alone a name. A source at the West Kent trust said: `We have discounted a lot of the names and continue to look at those which remain. But there is no obvious lead " we haven`t had someone bashing down the door saying, `This is my son` or `This is my brother`.

`Given the enormous amount of publicity about Piano Man we think it surprising that someone who knows him has not come forward.

`It is possible that his family lead an isolated existence and have not seen the stories but we have to prepare ourselves for the fact that we may never know who he is and that he may be with us for a long time.`

The search for the identity of the slightly built man is being conducted by the trust with the help of Scotland Yard and the National Missing Persons Helpline.

But in the absence of a definite claim from a family member, staff are having to rely on names provided by people identifying Piano Man as a school friend or acquaintance.

The team are also having to deal with calls from families claiming Piano Man as a long-disappeared relative. The source said: `We have had people saying he is a long-lost child or something on similar lines but sadly they are cases of hope rather than reality.`

Psychiatrists do not know why the man, who continues to shrink from any stranger, has not spoken a word for four months. Diagnoses of his condition initially focused on post-traumatic stress disorder but it is now thought he may be an autistic savant. Sufferers of the condition can display extraordinary but highly specific talents, such as drawing or mathematics, while at the same time remaining withdrawn or uncommunicative to the point of remaining silent. The removal of labels from clothing can also be associated with autism.

Officially the trust will not comment on the young man`s treatment beyond saying that his physical health remains good. But it is understood he is showing increasing signs of rapport with a small number of trusted carers.

When Piano Man was found wandering in the dark beside the beach, he had not only cut the labels from the dark suit he was wearing but also rubbed any identifying marks from his shoes.

The sheer lack of any identifying signs along with Piano Man`s inability to communicate has produced a succession of theories as to how he arrived on the Kent coast, from being a Norwegian sailor to a member of a visiting orchestra.

Staff at the Littlebrook Hospital are increasingly clinging on to the hope that Piano Man will himself give up his identity. A spokesman said: `It may be that matters suddenly progress and the next thing we hear about Piano Man is that he has been returned to his family.`

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