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The promising bluish gray eyes of James say all. Young James Blunt once a soldier told the whole world, that war is not the answer to anything. His thirst for creativity always compelled him to be somewhat different from his family tradition. James once in an interview said: "I didn`t always think, `Oh, I`m going to be in the army.` I always thought, `I`m going to be a musician.` The army was just a delaying thing." And undoubtedly it was a delaying part. James Hillier Blunt was born in England on 22nd Feb 1974. His family has a long history of soldiers since 955 A. D and these very generations of millitrians never think high of music. Factually speaking James was not allowed to listen to the popular music; it was only his mother who always encouraged him to play music. And as a result when James Blunt turned 14, he could play guitar, piano, recorder and violin. James worked for four years in army and after satisfying the family trend he decided to follow his own heart and make his dreams come true. James `s urge for music motivated him to break all the rules of his family. It seems like music was in his blood. Having so much interest in music it was so natural for him to take music as his career.

His unique style of fusing Jazz with Northern soul puts a stamp on his music. His individuality proved a valuable asset in his singing career. Now a rising starJames Blunt started his career only four years ago. Within the year he left army he managed to connect himself with former 4 Non Blondes lead vocalist Linda Perry. She signed him for her record label Custard Records. James Blunt recorded his first album "Back To Bedlam" in Los Angeles with her. The final track of the album "No Bravery" was written when he was serving in Kosovo. Tom Rothrock who is known for his music production "Wise Men" the second album was a better attempt, it reached to # 44. And finally it was the third single "You`re Beautiful", that made it`s way to success in 2005. It was ranked first in top 10 and then # 1. He wrote his ultimate hit song "You`re Beautiful" when he saw his ex-girlfriend with her new boy friend which fortunately zoomed his career to a pinnacle. Slowly listeners started feeling magic of his melodies. In his song "Billy" audience discover new amazing vocals, which really matters! This song contains rather more sharp notes than the simple soft rock. Then James Blunt`s seductive yearning in his enchanting melody "Goodbye My Lover" captivated the listeners. And of course "You`re Beautiful" was greeted with remarkable appreciation. He has been compared with early John Elton. Which is undoubtedly a noticeable compliment. James Blunt-an English singer, musician and songwriter love to play everything and can play organ, marimba and mellotron. His videos are as distinguished as his songs. His video`s are loaded with dark imagery and depicts symbolism. In "High" the very first video he is buried in a desert. The second video "Wisemen" shows that he has been kidnapped and then taken as a hostage. In the famous video "You`re Beautiful" he is inclined to commit suicide. Then in the re-release video for "High", he is running in a forest from an unknown predator.

Furthermore Blunt has also performed several times on television and radio all over UK, Europe, Australia and America. He was called as a musical guest on 3 Dec 2005, on "Saturday Night Live". Television has displayed his music videos globally. He even appeared in an episode of "Love Monkey". He has made his acting debut on (US) ABC Family Channel program "Wildfire", that was first aired on 30 Jan 2006. Doesn`t it all sounds to good to be true ..Ya there is a twist. James sensational popularity also confronted him with a lot of criticism too. His first track "High" has been criticized, that this song refers to drug addiction, which James strongly apposed. Critics have gone to an extent to mark his music as "inoffensive songs" and "music for bored housewives". Well, well everything has its price. But it`s going really well rather superb for James Blunt. On the whole he is a full package of success. James is given MTV Europe Music Awards for Best New Act in 2005. In the same year he also col lected "Q Award for Best New Act and Digital Music Award for Best Pop Act. Then in 2006 he got NrJ Award (France) For Best International Newcomer and also Brit Award for Best Pop Act, Best British Male.

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James A. Hefner National Piano Competition Winners announced

American Music Teacher , Oct-Nov, 2006

John Paul McGee, from Bethune-Cookman College and taught by Beverly Serra-Brooks, NCTM, won the $1,000 first place prize in the Annual James A. Hefner National Piano Competition & Winners.

The second place prize of $750 was awarded to Darius Johnson from Morehouse College in Atlanta. He is taught by Donzell Lee and also won the $500 black composer award. Antoine Baldwin from Alcorn State University won third place and $500. His teacher is Jeff Ethridge.

The James A. Hefner National Piano Competition and Winner`s Recital was held at Tennessee State University in Nashville.

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