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Playing guitar is quite easy


If you have a passion for music and you have got all the instruments with you such as the guitar or piano but don?t how to initialize then here are certain tips that shall help you in learning your new skill.

First of all, you need to have on hand, is a guitar and then hold it on your lap with your left hand holding the neck and the right hand draped over the body of the guitar. We are going to use a six string guitar and play it with the right hand. Each string correspond to a musical note and starts with the thinnest string and working our way down to the thickest string ? E, B,G,D,A and E again. You should not confuse yourself with the two E strings that are the same note and they differ in the way that the top E is two octaves higher than the bottom E if the guitar is tuned correctly.

The individual strings make up the chords and these chords are accomplished by playing certain notes or strings together at the same time. There are number of simple as well as complex chords but you need to learn A, D and E to play a part of the song.

The major A chord is played by placing the fingertips of the first three fingers on your left hand directly behind the first fret on the guitar. Frets are the bars on the neck of the guitar. When you count for finger positioning, you should ignore the first or largest fret bar. This might seem to be uncomfortable but later you shall accustom of the same. Press the strings down firmly and hold them one string per finger. Next use your right hand to strum the guitar strings from the top to bottom. Perform this act several times and listen to the sound you are producing.

The next major chord D should be played by using the same fingers. Place the index finger on the third string behind the first fret. Place the next finger on the first string behind the first fret. Again, hold the strings down at once and strum the guitar. Again do this and try to listen to the music being produced.

The third chord you need to learn is the E major and for this you have to place your index finger on the third string on the front of the first fret. Place the next finger on the fifth string behind the first fret and place your third finger on the fourth string behind the first fret. Again, hold the strings down at once and strum the guitar and listen to the sound that is being produced.

The last step is the tricky part and therefore to play a simple song you have to switch the positions of your fingers from chord to chord. This shall take some time to learn but if you practice you can do it surely.

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Playing the Guitar Underground

American Poetry Review, The , Nov/Dec 2004 by Pratt, Minnie Bruce with homage to the art of Ruben Trejo and Ray Martin Abeyta

The man with the guitar sings mi pobre corazon,

his heart and an empty hat at his feet as he sings on the island between the local and the express train. On the way north, past the muscled mudflat river, there was some shelter on the border that`s not a border.

The bridge by the rattling cottonwoods, or a boxcar near the bardas in Albuquerque, like the one where he was born, one of eleven, five did not survive. El perdito nino, his infant`s white gown pinned with tiny milagros, the lame leg, the pierced heart, the double eyes that see forward and backward, the house, the helping hand, the note that says,

Living on the street for so long and I am tired and always hungry and sick, please help. A picture, the three of them, Venimos desde muy lejos. Boxcars head due east between watermelon-red and apple-red mountains, New Mexico-South Carolina. But when he comes to the green valley there is only one apple after another in his hand, bleeding heart of Jesus, take it and eat. Like the red rose he holds, standing all day at the entrance to the highway tunnel under- ground. He`ll trade his red for your silver, what`s left of the twists of fish and snakes and quetzal-tailed birds, the silver that flew away from there to here over the gulf, or what`s left of profit sent north from the maquiladoras. He says anyone without someone in the U.S. starves or leaves the village, that`s el tratado de libre comercio. In the broad-brimmed bowl of the hat, coins pile up like grain, something to send home to replace the corn that no one can afford to grow now in Mihoaca`n.

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