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What to look for in a Guitar Humidifier

Dave Hepple

Dry winter weather or enviornments can cause serious damage to acoustic guitars, in the form of cracks in the wood. This damage may require expensive repairs or reduce the sound quality of your fine instrument.

One way to supply additional humidity to your guitar is through a device known as a guitar humidifier. These devices are designed to release humidity inside the guitar through the sound-hole. Sound-hole humidifiers all utilize some type of water reservoir with an absorbent medium such as a sponge, water absorbent floral foam or absorbent polymer. The medium is then surrounded

Water holding capacity and the restrictiveness of the outer cover are the greatest factors in determining how often you will need to refill the device. Needless to say, you can t stick a quart container of water inside your guitar, but there are several humidifiers that will hold an ounce (30 cc s) or more such as Oasis or Planet Waves. If your guitar needs several cc s per day of water vapor, a humidifier that holds only 5-10 cc s will need to be refilled every few days.

Planet Waves and Dampit utilize holes in the outside membrane to release water vapor. Oasis uses a fabric which allows the water vapor, but not the water, to pass through the material to keep your guitar humidified. One downside to evaporation holes is the risk of water leakage. Very careful handling can minimize, but not eliminate this risk. Oasis is a water-tight, sealed unit which eliminates the risk of water leakage.

When to refill your humidifier is one of the great mysteries which have been solved

All of the sound-hole humidifiers work. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. As with any new product you purchase, please read the directions carefully before use.

product you purchase, please read the directions carefully before use.

Bono to auction off guitar for Brazilian hunger charity

Deseret News (Salt Lake City) , Feb 21, 2006

Bono will donate one of his guitars to benefit Brazil`s Zero Hunger campaign, the government`s official news agency said Monday.

The guitar will be auctioned off after U2`s concerts this week in Sao Paulo`s Morumbi soccer stadium, according to Agencia Brasil.

The Zero Hunger campaign`s goal is to ensure all Brazilians have three meals a day by the end of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva`s presidential term Dec. 31.

The rock star-activist met with Silva at the Granja do Torto presidential resort to talk about the government`s efforts to reduce hunger and develop renewable energy sources.

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