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Choosing the Right Guitar

Desiree Harris Harris

When you decide to learn to play guitar, choosing the right guitar is a very important choice you have to make. There are quite a few different types of guitars out there, and they all have distinct sounds to them. If you just choose any guitar you can find when you learn to play guitar, you may get discouraged when it doesn t sound like you expected it to sound. The types of music that you want to play will decide what kind of guitar that you should pick. That poses a problem, because when you first learn to play guitar, you rarely know what type of music that you will be playing or even if you re going to be playing it long enough to make it worth your investment. Luckily guitars are not that expensive compared to other instruments.

The different types of guitars are acoustic, electric, classical, flamenco, semi-acoustic, 12-string, and bass guitar. Even though there are a few different types of guitars, there are two main types which are acoustic guitars and electric guitars. It seems to be the consensus that when you first learn to play guitar, you should start with an acoustic guitar. You can play them pretty much any place and they are much cheaper than electric guitars. If you buy an acoustic guitar, don t buy a cheaply made one. It won t be fun to play and it won t sound very good, which means you probably won t play it and it ll end up in your garage somewhere.

You don t have to pay a whole lot of money either. You can get a quality cheap no-name guitar for under a couple hundred dollars. You shouldn t buy a guitar because of the name brand. You have to make sure the quality of wood is good. Most guitar players will tell you to stay away from plywood. Make sure it feels good and that it is well-made. You should also play it or let someone else play it before you buy it to make sure it sounds good.

If you choose to get an electric guitar, you will also need to buy an amplifier and effects, which could get very expensive. If you want to play the harder and louder music like rock and roll and you have some extra money on your hands, than go for it. When you first learn to play guitar, the extra noise that the electric guitar brings could annoy you in the beginning.

So when choosing you guitar, keep in mind the type for music that you will be playing. If you don t know yet or if money is tight, you should invest in a quality acoustic guitar. Remember, not to choose a cheaply made guitar or you ll probably give up sooner or later because it won t feel or sound good to you. Make good decisions now and you ll be a successful guitar player in no time at all.

Courtney Love America`s Sweetheart - A Sultry Singer, A Fiery Guitar Hero, And Rock`s Real Deal - Brief Article - Sound Recording Review

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