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Dancing To The Tune

Anil Gupta

When one thinks of Spain, one of the most typical images is that of the Flamenco dancers with their passion and fire. This art form is unique to the Spanish culture, in both song and dance. Flamenco has a commanding individuality that bewitches everyone .It is great to experience the passion of Flamenco music.

Enjoy an authentic Flamenco show with some of Spain s greatest artists. This thrilling experience offers one a night of southern Spanish expression and artistry right in the centre of Barcelona. The flamenco dinner dance is a great way to join corporate entertainment with the Spanish culture. Flamenco is a genuine Spanish art more associated with the south of Spain and of course the gypsies of this region, who are very often named as its fathers, as they played an important role in its creation. It exists in three forms the first being the Cante, the song, the second the Baile, the dance, and the third Guitarra, guitar playing. During the meal one will experience all three of these forms conducted

Flamenco is an art form that originated in Andalucia. Among the gypsies of Andaluc??a it was used as an expression of poverty, oppression and personal grief. Over time, Flamenco has also become a means of expressing happiness as it incorporated elements of Spanish music in lighter forms (alegrias, bulerias, and fandangos). Contemporary Spaniards have re-established an interest in Flamenco as a commercial form of music so it has undoubtedly opened up the art to a wider audience. Fusion Flamenco has resulted from the influence of Madrid over the otherwise uniquely Andalusian genre.

The flamenco dinner dance takes place inside the Poble Espanyol, in the tourist area of Montjuic which is one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of Barcelona. The place is tastefully decorated in the typical Andalusian style.

Flamenco is a living art embedded in a tradition of song and dance that goes back into the ancient past of its birthplace in southern Spain, in Andalucia. Highly creative, breathtakingly dynamic, flamenco, in common with all art forms, is no more or less than an expression of its practitioners at any one moment in time, all striving to express their passion, their cry of joy and anguish, in a remarkable coming together of singer, dancer and guitarist.

Flamenco in its essence has therefore retained its integrity. And, even though its derivation can be clearly perceived from the musical tradition of its native Andaluc??a and even further a field, flamenco can be clearly distinguished as an art form in its own right Andalucian region of Malaga.

A Spanish art form that typifies the south of Spain is Flamenco which consists of dancing, guitar playing, singing and hand clapping. Flamenco originated in the 1760`s and is thought to be influenced

Yardbirds flew high with guitar legends

Chicago Sun-Times , Aug 4, 2006 by Jerry Osborne

Q. I`m an Eric Clapton fan and I researched his mid-`60s work with the Yardbirds. I realize he wasn`t with the group very long, but his replacement, Jeff Beck, wasn`t too bad. As if they weren`t enough, the group even landed Jimmy Page for a few years. I doubt very many British Invasion bands can boast of having three legendary guitarists among their personnel.

Was the Yardbirds` first American hit, "For Your Love," really their first record, or did they have earlier ones in Britain that we never knew about here? Finally, where did they get that name? Is there such a bird as a yardbird?

A. There can be a lot of birds in the yard, but there are no yardbirds in flight.

In 1963, lead singer Keith Relf discovered the term "yardbird" while reading a Jack Kerouac novel. There, the word refers to railroad bums as birds hanging around the (train) yard.

Before choosing Yardbirds as their name, the core group -- Keith Relf, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Paul Samwell-Smith -- performed as the Metropolis Blues Quartet.

In September `63, Eric Clapton left Casey Jones and the Engineers to join the newly named Yardbirds.

By May 1964, the boys finally had a recording contract, with Columbia. In June, their first single came out in the U.K., titled "I Wish You Would" (Columbia 7823). "I Wish You Would" did make the U.K. Top 30, but just barely. Their follow-up, "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" (Columbia 7391), didn`t chart.

For the Yardbirds the third time would be the charm.

The next release, "For Your Love" (Columbia 7499), zoomed up the charts, claiming Britain`s No. 1 position on April 10, 1965. About nine weeks later (June 19), the U.S. single of "For Your Love" (Epic 9790) entered our Top 10.

In August 1964, two months after "I Wish You Would" came out in the U.K., Epic issued it here (9709), making "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" the only answer to your question about pre-"For Your Love," U.K.-only releases.

Eric Clapton left the Yardbirds in March 1965, leaving "For Your Love" as their only hit on which he plays.

Chronologically, his post-Yardbirds star-studded itinerary is as follows: John Mayall`s Bluesbreakers; Cream; Blind Faith; Derek and the Dominoes, and then of course his solo career.

For the few months in 1966 when the lineup included both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, they managed to record just four tracks -- only one of which, "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago," became a hit.

The other three are: "Psycho Daisies," "Stroll On" and "Beck`s Bolero."

Jerry Osborne is a syndicated columnist. Write to him via www.jerryosborne.com.

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