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You can learn to play guitar online - and it`s never been easier.

Whether you wish to become a jazzy crooner, a country strummer or a jamming rock star, the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn. There are a variety of lessons, tools and help out there in cyberspace. And, you can learn enough to strum along with your first song after only one lesson!

To learn how to play guitar online, you need several tools in addition to your guitar. Some guitar lessons and tools designed to assist you in learning how to play guitar online, include:

- Step- - Chord lessons and chord charts.

- Guitar tab lessons.

- Song lyrics with chords.

- Guitar lesson ebooks and software programs.

- Sheet music

- Sound files and guitar jam tracks.

- Online guitar site forums.

If you are a beginner, look for online guitar lessons directed toward the new guitar player. These lessons should include the basics, such as; how to hold a guitar, choose a guitar, basic chord instruction, learning frets and how to choose guitar accessories.

Of course, the beginning guitar player will need charts for learning the various chords, so, at the very least, look for these visual aids. With practice, it won`t be long before you`ll be ready for intermediate guitar lessons.

The intermediate guitar player can also benefit from quality online guitar lessons and resources which illustrate the many chords. Furthermore, intermediate guitar players will be interested in learning to read guitar tablature.

There are many websites that offer free guitar lessons, but you may choose instead to get help with an online guitar lesson program. Although there`s nothing wrong with teaching yourself guitar for free, many beginners find that it`s easier, and faster, to learn to play guitar from a pro.

With professional guitar instruction, you`ll learn how to play guitar the correct way, while learning which mistakes and bad habits you must avoid. It`s truely a highly effective way to learn to play guitar. You`ll learn valuable tips and techniques designed to reduce the confusion and frustrations that many people experience when learning to play a new instrument.

In Closing:

It`s never been easier to learn to play guitar online. Of course it takes practice, but many of the greatest guitarists taught themselves most of what they know about guitar playing. Because of the Internet, you can play along with guitar jam tracks, learn unusual chords, find chords and lyrics for songs you want to learn, and even learn to read guitar tablature.

You can even join an online guitar players forum to get one-on-one help, support and to ask questions. And because of the high demand of learning guitar online, if you choose to invest in an online guitar course, the prices have never been lower than they are today.

Tugging at heartstrings

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The , Mar 27, 2006 by DAVE TIANEN

B.B. King and Lucille

Unlike our other guitars, Lucille is actually a long string of guitars. In his autobiography 10 years ago, King estimated there had been 17 different Lucilles.

The original was an acoustic that the young Blues Boy loved so much he almost died for it. It was the winter of 1949, and King was playing a little club in Twist, Ark., outside of Memphis. It was a cold night and to heat the club, the owners filled a large garbage pail with kerosene and ignited it in the center of the dance floor. Unfortunately, two male patrons became engaged in a dispute over a lady, and in the resulting dustup knocked over the pail of burning liquid, setting the club on fire and triggering a panicked stampede for the exits. King made it safely outside but realized he`d left his guitar back in the burning building.

He recounted what happened next in his autobiography:

"I look at that fire and figure I`ve got about one second to decide. I go for it, dashing back inside. Someone tries to stop me, but I`m gone. Got to. Got to grab that guitar. Fire all around me. Heat unbearable. Burning like hell. Flames licking my feet, scorching my arms. I find the guitar just as a beam crashes down in front of me. But I got the guitar. Grab it by the neck. Jump back over the beam just as a wall collapses, missing my (behind) and my guitar by a couple of inches. Can barely see the door for the all- roaring fire. Put my head down, cradling the guitar in my arms, and make a mad dash for the exit. The black night is a welcome sight. I`m burned on my legs, but the guitar is fine."

It turned out the lady who was the object of the dispute was named Lucille and hence the guitar King nearly died for got its name.

Over the years there have been lots of Lucilles. Gibson has built replica tribute guitars, and Northwest Airlines even painted the guitar on the side of some of its jets. Several have been stolen, but they each have a special bond with their owner.

King says when he dies he`d like it to happen on stage with Lucille in his hands.

Bo Diddley and Big B

Like Blackie and The Log, Bo`s Big B is something of a homemade project. In his book "50 Years of Gretsch Electrics," Tony Bacon recounts Big B`s somewhat mysterious origins: "Like many things with Mr. McDaniel (Bo) it`s not entirely clear how all this came about, but it seems at one stage he may have taken the neck and pickups from a Gretsch guitar and added them to a rectangular body he made himself. Realizing the shortcomings of his own handiwork, he then asked the Gretsch factory to make him a custom rectangular guitar from scratch. Bo has said this was in 1958, though it may have been nearer 1960."

Although Big B had some recording limitations, Diddley loved its look and used it as his stage guitar for many years.

"Some of those Bo Diddley guitars are fine-sounding guitars, and people can get a good sound out of them," Wheeler says. "They came about during a time in the `50s when it was the jet age and the space age, and these wacky guitars like Gibson`s Flying V, and Bo`s rectangular Gretsch, all of them visually are novelty guitars. With Bo Diddley you want that."

According to Diddley expert and Web master David Blakey, Diddley over the years has had guitars shaped like "triangles, arrows, Cadillac tail fins, rocket tails and spaceships." In 1999 Gretsch reissued a replica of Big B as part of the celebration of Bo`s 70th birthday. The original Big B was retired after two rebuilds and 20 years of service and is now in the collection of the Hard Rock Caf in New York City.

Willie Nelson and Trigger

Unlike most of our celebrity guitars, Trigger is an acoustic; a Martin N-20 acoustic classical guitar that Nelson purchased back in 1969 for $750 from a Nashville luthier named Shot Jackson. A Roy Rogers fan, Willie named the guitar Trigger figuring it was his trusty sidekick, just like the golden palomino was Roy`s.

Over the years, Trigger has seen extended service, and a large hole has been worn in the body. It`s also covered with 100 autographs from famous friends such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Leon Russell and Gene Autry.

"Trigger is testament to the idea that you take all the rules and throw them out the window," says Tom Wheeler, former editor of Guitar Player and author of "The Stratocaster Chronicles." "Who would think that a guitar that`s been battered to the point that there`s a hole in the sound board would not only sound tolerable, but would sound good and be very distinctive. Which it is."

It is a sign of his affection that Willie refuses to let anybody tamper with Trigger by trying to repair the body. It is a further sign of his affection that during his famous scrapes with the Internal Revenue Service, Nelson is said to have hidden Trigger at this manager`s house to keep the government from confiscating it.

In 1999, Martin manufactured a limited edition replica of Trigger to celebrate its 30th birthday.


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