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How to Change Your Guitar Strings

Veronica Jayne Jayne

When it comes time to change your guitar strings, don`t remove them all and then re-string the guitar from scratch. That just makes your job harder than it needs to be. It`s best to remove and replace the strings one at a time, from the thickest string to the thinnest. If you remove all the strings, the tension in the instrument is lost and you will have a harder time getting it in tune, not to mention it`ll be harder to wind the first couple of strings as you try to bring the tension back.

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That s something that s really helpful after changing your strings, so you can get them back in perfect tune.

Guitar virtuoso`s tribute to the late, great Wes

Evening Standard (London) , Jul 6, 2005 by JACK MASSARIK

Pat Martino

Ronnie Scott`s Club

EVEN now, 37 years after his early death, guitarists miss the unique Wes Montgomery. Pat Martino, one of the finest, past or present, certainly feels that way. Nearly all the pieces he selected last night were by that self-taught Indianapolis genius.

Tomorrow night Martino`s programme might be completely different, but somehow I doubt it. "After reviewing my own past," said the slim American, "I find it increasingly necessary to pay tribute to a man whose music means so much to me."

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