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Knowing Your Guitar Lesson 1

Jason Covill

As a budding guitarist it is important that you learn every facet of your new chosen hob You must know the parts of your guitar you will need to be very familiar with the different names given to the parts of your guitar.

Although there are many different types of guitars (acoustic, classical and electric etc) they have many things in common.

Starting at the top of the guitar you can see the headstock; it connects to the neck. The tuners are located on the headstock and you will use those to alter the pitch of your strings on your guitar.

The nut is located where the headstock and the neck meet. The nut is a small strip of bone or plastic with grooves to guide the strings into the tuners.

The neck of your guitar is where you will focus a lot of your time on, as you will have your fingers on various places on the neck in order to make different notes.

As we go down the guitar you can see the neck joins onto the body of the guitar. The body of the guitar can vary greatly, an acoustic and classical guitar have a hollow body and a sound hole, it s made that way to project the sound. Electric guitars are usually solid so they don t have a sound hole instead they have pickups where the sound hole is usually found.

The strings of the guitar come down from the tuners, over the nut, down the neck, over the body and over the sound hole down to the bridge where they are anchored.

Looking at the neck of your guitar you will see thin metal strips going across the entire surface, these are called frets

The first fret is the area between the nut and the first metal strip, the 2nd fret is the space between the first and second strip of metal and it continues down, you get the idea!


`Rod comes and plays guitar to me every night`

Evening Standard (London) , Oct 7, 2005 by MARY KEANE

EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD Ruby Stewart, Rod`s third daughter, is following the now established route of rock-star progeny. Like Leah Wood, Elizabeth Jagger and Elvis Presley`s granddaughter Riley Keough before her, Ruby has begun her assault on the collective consciousness by modelling.

A petite brunette with delicate features, she certainly has the requisite attributes, but then her mother is ex-model Kelly Emberg, a tall, all-American blonde who modelled for Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani in the Eighties.

However, Ruby`s ambitions stretch beyond the catwalk. She gets her greatest thrill from singing in front of 10,000 screaming fans while her father looks on approvingly. She says: "Music is my all- round passion. I`ve always sung, but when I was about 13 I was in the studio messing around while my dad was working and he recorded me singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

He said: `Wow, you`re amazing, we need to get you started`." Getting started meant persuading Ruby to sing in front of 13,000 fans at Wembley Stadium during his 2002 tour when she was 15.

Rod introduced her by saying: "My father was a builder and a plumber, and he was a great man.

He couldn`t do this for me but I can do this for her." She sang the Motown classic Dancing In The Street and received a standing ovation. "I`d never performed in front of anyone before that, not even to friends, so it was nerveracking," she says.

Since then, Ruby has sung on many of her father`s tours, joining him for two-week stints, singing one or two solos a night, mostly old favourites.

Meanwhile, she`s forming her own band, as yet nameless. "Inspirations are everything from Muddy Waters to Led Zeppelin. I don`t want to do the whole `Ruby Stewart, daughter of Rod` thing."

But Rod is Ruby`s inspiration: "We get on so well, and he`s always there to listen to me talk about my band or the songs I wrote. Every night he comes into my room and plays guitar or just sits and chats. I like his music because it`s his. It`s different when you know and love the person; they automatically become your hero." It is testament to Rod`s abilities as a father that, despite splitting from three of the mothers of his children, the Stewart menage appears happy. "We all live in this big house together and we all get on great. We hang out, go swimming and watch movies, or everyone does their own thing, and then when Dad comes back from touring, the whole family has dinner together," Ruby says.

Even the various stepmothers fit seamlessly into the slightly unconventional picture. "I see Rachel (Hunter) often, and my mother comes up to Dad`s house all the time, so when I`m not staying with her I still see her lots." And Penny (Lancaster) is a fixture.

"We thought she was going to be like the wicked witch; of course there is always the `stepmum` thing," says Ruby.

"But she came into our house acting like a mum, and she tucked us in at night, so we didn`t torment her. Now I love Penny; she`s very calm and ridiculously sweet. I love the fact that my dad is marrying her and they`re having the baby.

Although it`s funny, I haven`t heard anything about the wedding."

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